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  3. Can we up the amount of cave slimes, big frogs and cave bugs that spawn in the lumbridge swamp cave? There are only 3 that spawn close to each other.
  4. Good luck bud. I’ll show you how it’s done.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Introduction This Clan Chat is mainly for Ironmen that are looking for a place where they can share their experiences with other Irons, give any advice and tips to players who are new to the Ironman modes. Players in non-ironman mode can also join if they wish to as there are no set requirements. Rules Server rules still apply in the CC We don't have any rule for the Wilderness stating that you aren't allowed to attack any CC members No flaming/causing arguments with other clans on yell (or in general), doing so may cause you to be de-ranked or temporarily kicked from the clan chat depending on the situation. Ranks Ranks will be given to members who are active in the CC. Discord If you would like to be invited to the discord, please PM any of the following on discord 'Pacwhale#6375' 'Gutta#2426' 'Ruler#2053' 'Fearless#3962'.
  7. Yes! And the ability to edit them please!
  8. Last week
  9. Can we get bank presets in alphabetical order? Thanks
  10. Working loads & just moved into a new place. :PepeHands:

    1. Justin


      Gz. Hard work pays off.

    2. faeces


      I knew that outhouse wasn't for your cat!

  11. It's about the quantity of the items you get and the usefulness of the items on the table, on osrs you get iron ore and lobsters on here you would get rune bars and addy bars. 100-150 rubies is better than 25-35 that osrs has.
  12. Hmm.. fair enough. Still, some of them do still apply
  13. The konar drop table is kind of an extra drop table for supply drops, I mean it's extra cash for mains but it is especially good for ironman mode. You don't want to have clue items, slayer items or any uniques from monsters there.
  14. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Brimstone_chest
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