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  3. Couple of fixes; remove all the secondaries. They are way to easy to obtain. To even be on here. the fish should be moved to common you can fish 50 anglers way quicker then it being very rare. The fish can be moved to uncommon for 150-200. Add rune, addy ore/ bars under common or uncommon 150-200. Remove all the armors from uncommon. All of them are easy to get. Dragonstones should be added 150-200 under one of the tables. Molten glass should be added instead of air orbs. Rune essence and gold ore should be removed. Dragon ammunition should be moved to rare, replace with rune amunition under uncommon. Uncut onyx should be ultra rare, same with infinity robes. Rev ether, and zulrah scales ahould be very rare, demi boss and zulrah is an actual boss. Thats all i can think of atm
  4. Hey all, Tonights update consists of the following changes: You can now use the ropes located in the Catacombs of Kourend. After using the ropes, you will unlock the shortcuts on the surface allowing you to re-enter the Catacombs from the holes. Adjusted the WoGW events once again. Decreased the chance of CoX and ToB events to 10% instead of 15%. Added a 2x BM Multiplier event for 10%. Increased the duration of the Chambers of Xeric point multiplier event from the WoGW from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. Fixed a bug with some trap doors leading you to the Edgeville dungeon when they weren't supposed to. Lowered the instance buyback fee to 250K (previously 1M). Grotesque Guardians instanced death buybacks remains at 50K. Fixed a bug with Rogue pieces being obtainable from pickpocketing while the player already had the full set in possession. Removed Spitbark legs being needed for the Hero's Guild STASH unit (we removed this being needed from the clue itself, but overlooked the requirement for the STASH). The Wallsafes in Rogue's den can now be used. They require a level of 50 thieving to crack and gives 70 thieving xp. A higher thieving level will better your chances of obtaining loot while a higher agility level will decrease the amount of damage you receive when failing to crack the safe. Added missing special attack for Seercull. Fixed the Abyssal dagger's special attack issue where it would always have the same damage for both hits. You can now use Name-change bonds and XP Rate change bonds on other players, as you could with regular bonds. Added Dragon boots ornament kit to the ;;store for 950 credits. Added Dragon boots orn kit functionality. You can now upgrade your regular void top and robe bottoms at Pest control for 1,000 Commendation points each. Along with this, the Lesser fanatic is no longer offering achievement point refunds for those who purchased the elite pieces from his store. Fixed a bug where you wouldn't gain skilling points for crafting battlestaves. Added missing bones replenishing prayer points while having a dragontooth necklace or bonecrusher necklace equipped. Ironmen can now purchase and open PvM mystery boxes from the PvM point shop. They will however have different rewards. https://pastebin.com/8DzSUkWd
  5. The downside like others have stated is that people may abuse it and the economy would suffer from that. Right now the ability to buy chaos runes are X, you can just type 100K and it buys that amount. If that would be implemented then that should be removed or atleast some daily purchase limit for chaos runes. I myself see this as a opportunity for new players. When I started, I tried this method but I couldn't sell them. As a newbie, that Amulet of Fury will benefit me a lot and I would gain much from it. I'm +1 for it but it needs to be thinked how do implement it the right way.
  6. Just to clarify things. You use your Elite void top and bottom on the Lesser Fanatic and then it will revert back to normal void. That is what hasn't been made clear yet but now I know and maybe other people want to know that too. Thanks.
  7. You use robes on Lesser Fanatic and he will take robes in return giving you points back. But still have to wait for next update to get void from PC.
  8. Is the achievment point refund already on? It hasn't been written if the fanatic takes my elite robes away...
  9. ats

    Collection log

    Collection log would be a great way to show-off and to let people see that you aren't lier. I do support this!
  10. 219 Damnit go play the game I made too. I need more post count without actually spamming.
  11. I'm for this, however it would need balancing, chaos runes are 90gp each in store, so it'd have to equal out to a fair amount. On the flip side it would create standard prices for the onyx and obby armor, since you would be able to buy then sell chaos runes to the store to buy the items.
  12. Now that we can buy x on chaos runes, no
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