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  3. As another fellow original day oner i agree with JAK
  4. So me and few other guys had a talk about Rebrand and thought of the way that all the old accounts with thousands of hours of playtime wouldn't lose their progress. The suggestion is (if we getting new server in general) that all the old accounts would be transferred to the new server with few adjustments or (if rebrand is coming on the same server we play) we would have these adjustments on the accounts: 1 )Old accounts would stay the same (stats/donor ranks/bank) but would have some kind of icon near their name. 2) All those accounts wouldn't be shown on high-scores. 3) Trading and drop-trading would be disabled for these accounts for some time (month or two). **************************************************************************************************************************** Now time to explain why 1) Having this icon would separate players from Indova and all the new players and that wouldn't make new players feel inferior and this would work with other two points i have. 2) Fighting for spots on high-scores in pwm and skilling categories is the thing that makes people grind a lot and old accounts being excluded from high-scores wouldn't interfere with that. 3) Disabling trading and drop-trading would prevent us from destroying economy from the start and would make new players grind for first drops and stuff like that instead of buying those items from old players. I feel like a lot of old players would agree with this and dev/staff team too because if not us (old players) indova wouldn't be the indova we all love so i feel like us losing all the progress would be wrong. And don't forget the fact that rebrands and stuff like that does't work without full reset so with these points we would fix the issue with people wanting and not wanting full server wipe. If you agree with this please leave a like that way you would show support and if you disagree feel free to show your constructive criticism below the post. Sincerely, Kucccis <3 ***Sorry for my english lmao***
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  6. endemon

    Onyx spots

    Not only Tekton / Zulrah / glod only drop onyx. maybe make some more bosses drop them? or is that just too much idk in osrs you can thiev them from thzaar stall
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  8. 1) Indefinitely cleaned. 2) OSRS tho.
  9. Get back here and finish this shit.
  10. Thanks Mut for your great contributions to the Indova staff team. I will make sure to promote you at the next meeting.
  11. We tought about those aswell. - An infinite wall would be too OP since its the best exp in the game - We didn't mention skills like construction or thieving; construction is already easy and an ardy knight can be set into a fixed position at ardougne. - A brazier was an option, could still be. But in my opinion it would give 50% less exp per log. However, it is not necessary since firemaking is the quickest skill. Thanks for your input. We will keep them in mind. Out of curiosity, which one would be OP. We tried to balance it in a way that it wouldn't be P2P, rather have a bit more things to do at ::ds. Or be more convenient
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