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  3. Would be nice to get more BM the higher you kill tho. Sucks we cant expect players not to Kill farm like we expect players not to trust trade... No shots fired, but at least theres a chance and you can still kc farm for keys cant you? although this kinda of feature would be nice in its own realm like in a pvp minigame, not regular edge pking. Maybe a shutdown feature like the one suggested above can influence ur drops or earnings in a BH type of minigame.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Yea but there should be another way, this just seems dumb when i am getting 5k+ bloodmoney per kill but my shutdown is 4k bloodmoney We already have it so you won't get rewards if you kill same player in a row within 5 minutes, so i don't think increasing shutdown bloodmoney is gonna make that big difference. I got this 20 killstreak in like a 5 days of pking and you get 5-10k bm every 2 hours from glod, thats what i call farming..
  6. It should be increased line a curve chart. But I think it's done to stop ppl form farming easily
  7. I am currently on 19 killstreak, when i kill player i get like 5k bloodmoney but still the amount of bloodmoney you get if you kill me and end my streak is only 4k bloodmoney. Seems very low for me, it should be more like 40k bloodmoney if you shutdown player with 20 killstreak.
  8. So the idea I have is to add the Poll Booth in order to have an in-game way of polling/suggesting new game updates. Most people, even though they have a forums account, don't frequently use forums. And yes there is ::suggest in-game, but this is a way to not only have EVERYONE see your suggestions, but it also shows a clear "yes or no" instead of searching through the comments to see if people support your suggestions. The idea is that you submit a "Suggestion Request", it gets reviewed by Tom or Delly, then if it can be added it gets put out to a poll for the players to vote on. Some kinda template like Name, Name of Suggestion, and Description of Suggestion. Then it's just a straight yes or no polling system. Hope you like my idea
  9. mostly would love bounty hunter for the purpose of not wasting 10 minutes finding one person as it would tell you the approx wildy level your target is in
  10. Last week
  11. Has been discussed before, and it's on the to-do list. Not the biggest prio as far as I know. If I'm not mistaken, our biggest concern was that people would complain if the collection log was added, they had to grind bosses again. And yes it has been suggested multiple times Still support, I would love it. Gives a huge satisfying feeling if you complete it.
  12. Definitely supporting this.
  13. +1 This seems like a no brainer suggestion to implement.
  14. I do feel this is a good idea. Love to see the collection log come into play. Just sucks the drops I have already wouldn't count. Definitely support.
  15. Suggesting to add collection log to the game. I'm pretty sure it would add some players motivation to grind annoying bosses again (or all bosses) and get those drops to complete the log. With that, a lot of items are being added to the eco again, even ironmen might do bosses that they have already finished. If player has recieved a pet, they should have an opportunity to use it on the collection log. Feel free to give me some feedback about it! (If there already is topic about adding collection log, sorry!)
  16. I'm not sure on the exact reasons. but the PvP community is growing smaller and smaller every day. The playerbase has been crying for PvP to be fixed for ages and Jagex keeps ignoring it. Again I don't PK so I'm not sure what the exact reasons are, but PvP in OSRS is bad.
  17. How does Osrs not have a good Pvp System? What about the system is bad? Being srs btw, Cause i always see pure pk montages from osrs clans and youtubers pumping out vids.
  18. It is hard to implement PvP for the simple fact that even OSRS doesn't have a good PvP system as is. I would love for PKing to get big and popular and maybe Bounty Hunter would be a good first step.
  19. Referral contest has ended. As announced before in the Discord, as there aren't many invites from the top 3 players I have only decided to give out the first place reward. Hope everyone understands. Everyone else will still be rewarded with Mystery boxes amounting to their referrals made (excluding leaves), just DM me if you're wanting the mbox and if your discord name is on the list below: Congrats to @Gary on winning the first place reward. DM me on Discord to choose between 500M GP or a $50 bond.
  20. Justin

    Pvp Armour

    Maybe a pvp minigames with keys and BM being the main thing about them and some other items as would be nice .....
  21. Tried to suggest something like this twice. But shit I support. I would like to see these kinda updates.
  22. Yeah I understand. Just wanted to make sure so you didn't post other bugs in the future. Nothing to worry about.
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