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  4. Thanks Gutta for stealing all my tob drops, love ya baby
  5. Ty for the Service Ol Chap.
  6. Thanks Gutta. Glad to have joined with you at the same time and wish you the best.
  7. Thank you gutta for your contribution within the team. Goodluck in your future!
  8. Dear indovians, The following resignation has taken place this week: @hc guttaHas resigned from Server Moderator. We thank him for his time as staff and wish him the best of luck on his future en-devours. We are in need of staff. If you believe you should be given a chance, feel free to post a server support application here. Best regards, The Indova staff team.
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  10. Ampy


    Your suggestions ruin the integrity of Ultimate. Try a game mode with a bank if you want some storage.
  11. sam crow


    I don't know if this is a thing or not. But I'd suggest being able to store tiaras in the jewelry storage box in pohs. That way an UIM does have to grind for a talisman Every time he wants to train rc
  12. Yet I can see a use for blast furn as an ironman. And ur reply is oh it a about the grind. Well that's true but when the grind on osrs becomes ez with time were as on here suck having to mine a shit ton of coal with for me is 15 invent spots. Or maybe u don't need to add the blast furn as a mini game. Maybe a new pair of gloves that are enchanted with charges for it ? That cost skilling points. To reduce the coal amount in half per bar. Say like 3-4 invents worth per gloves or ring
  13. Mine have as well died onions potatoes l,herbs
  14. Wait what? First of all, a pack yak is not in osrs cache. Secondly, where would the pet send those karambwan to? Since you can't use a bank. However, I highly doubt this will ever be implemented. You're playing an UIM for the challenge of not having a bank and the importance of your inventory. Suiciding and getting those Looting bags is a part of being a UIM. But I agree we should make some small changes to UIM and their death mechanics (e.g. zulrah or overworld)
  15. sam crow

    Pack yak pet

    I know this seems pointless but if your an UIM with limited storage out wildy fishing it would be nice to have a pack yak pet to hall karabwan or dark crabs back from 37 wildy. Otherwise it would cost me an arm and leg to die at zulrah. To get an empty invent and to grind out another looting bag go just stop when I'm done with. Thinking maybe like a callfer system per trip or maybe a skill drop from ensouled heads?
  16. jevrock

    Farming guild

    i have lost multiple watermelons to disease
  17. @wingdragonyeah and I will update the post with images and if I figure anymore out that could help new uim
  18. The tool does basicly the same as the highscores. Right now we probably have other priorities with Raids 3 in development. Thanks for your suggestion, it will be discussed within the team.
  19. You don't need to cure anything. They can't get diseased nor die. You should be fine with just herb patches imo.
  20. Some awsome tips and tricks! I'm sure it will help new UIM players.
  21. A RSPS in general is pretty much a Twisted League.
  22. I see that we have a tool on the client to look up stats idk if it's in the works to fix. But it would be kind of cool to have.
  23. Also the flower patches in general don't work. And they can be very helpful especially once u reach 58 farming. So you don't need cure pots. As long as that flower is in ur farm areas.
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