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  5. Will be missed father delly. Wish you the best!
  6. he will be missed, lots of good times were had over the years with @ Deluxe.
  7. Dear indovians, The following resignation has taken place this week: @ Deluxe Has resigned from Administrator. We would like to thank him for his years of service, me and him have been working together in the RSPS scene since 2016. I've seen him grow into one of the best admins there is in the scene. He ended up developing which is something I will always respect him for. He has sadly decided to no longer be a part of the RSPS scene. @ Mat PvMs Has resigned from Server Moderator. We thank him for his time as staff and wish him the best of luck on his future en-devours.We are in need of staff. If you believe you should be given a chance, feel free to post a server support application here. Best regards, The Indova staff team.
  8. add wild key? any wild boss?
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  11. s60

    Rebrand feedback

    Hello to everyone reading this post. I wanted to say a few senteces regarding rebranded server. First of all, I love the tiny details that you have changed, icons on teleporter, teleporter itself, different and unique donator ranks obviously, you couldn't leave the same ones, because well, it is a rebrand. The idea of changing the spawn point is really nice, feels neat and comfy, convenient also. Rewards from tranquility, great idea. Raids 3, zalcano simply awesome, it feels really lovely that you guys are putting this huge effort into this new server. Keep it up! -S60
  12. This is what I received from 1000 elite clues This was with no drop rate bonus.
  13. Do you have discord? Otherwise, the beta opened yesterday. Last announcement for rebrand server on this discord: The beta is now live. If you wish to join, the discord link is: https://discord.gg/ct8ntSB If you're not able to join the discord, PM me.
  14. Is the beta still happening somewhere this month? I understand if not. (if you need some test players, ring me up)
  15. All donator ranks, not only recent ranks, can be transferred. So all of that support will still carry over. The "recent" remark is talking about people that have donated for bonds to sell them, or whatever. If those were recent donations, then those bonds can be transferred. We can't just transfer over every single bond that was ever purchased all at once to a brand new server. It would flood everything.
  16. So, I haven't played in quite some time now, as I've just been waiting for the rebrand to launch. But I see you state that only "recent" donators, and ranks etc will be transferred over. I must say, that's kind of like giving the finger to your Veteran player base who decide to follow to the new server. Essentially, it seems you're mostly just catering to the "new" player base, which is understandable as if there's no players, no server. But I feel like us Vets shouldn't be left in the dust like that, considering we've already been here to support you, the server, and the staff at some point in time.
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