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    Hey everyone, I've seen most of you in game already but i guess i should also introduce myself on forums. My name is Tim, Ingame - Nelt I'm originally from Lithuania but I've lived in the UK for the last 12 years, I'm a gamer like most of you guys, Games are a way for me to escape from all other shit and to just lay back and enjoy playing with friends I make. I'm 20 Years old and have finished Education already, Studied Game Development to get an Extended Diploma. 420 Friendly even though I've quit smoking myself. I'm Bilingual, Speaking English and Lithuanian. I've met few Lithuanians on this server already and made many great friends. Shout outs to people who make me enjoy this game a lot @Frenchy @Business Cow @iron b0om @Bandit @Pyzdabolas And many more but I'd rather not tag the whole server here -Nelt
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    They were only dropping coins @wingdragon
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    @Ken Assuming something like this ?

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