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    Hey all, Today's update brings you the following changes: You can now use ferocious gloves on the machinery in the Lithkren vault to turn it back in to hydra leather. Added Tan Leather lunar spell. Added additional items to be sellable to the Indova token store (https://forum.indovaps.com/index.php?/topic/3688-additions-to-indova-token-store/). Alchemical hydra drop rate changes: Tail 1/500 -> 1/400 Leather 1/1000 -> 1/800 Claw 1/2000 -> 1/1600 Ring pieces 1/180 -> 1/150 Added additional drops to npcs: https://i.imgur.com/Xw2dIHr.png You can now use ring of recoils (both unnoted and noted) on your Ring of sufferings to give them the recoil effect. Added the missing equip requirements for the Ring of sufferings. You can now use an Enchantment scroll on a Ring of suffering (r) to turn it in to a Ring of suffering (ri). Uncharging the ring will not refund the recoils used however the charges will remain. Added String Jewellery lunar spell. Added Super Glass make spell. You can now equip the Granite ring. Fixed an issue with Duo slayer partners not being able to receive Brimstone key drops. Wearing a Slayer ring (eternal) will now spawn Superiors at a rate of 1/170 instead of 1/200. Enabled Zulrah's snakelings spawns as a use for the Ring of Suffering's with the recoil effect being added.

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