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    Hello everyone, Couple of additions + bug fixes for tonight's patch Pollnivneach rooftop course has been added Brimstone chest has been added next to the Crystal chest at home. You can get a Brimstone key from killing slayer tasks assigned by Konar. The task's combat level will determine your chance of getting a key as a drop. The formula is: "The exact odds of receiving the key are 1/100 for level 100 monsters and 1/50 for level 350 monsters, scaling linearly and capping at 350 (-0.2 * lvl + 120). For lower level monsters, it follows a curve (0.2 * (lvl - 100) ^ 2 + 100)." Fixed wilderness bug Dismissing a slayer duo partner will now reset the slayer task for both players Twisted bow accuracy and damage formulas will now use the higher of the two values when determining the target npc's magic: magic level or magic bonus. This means that the Twisted bow should be way more accurate and deal more damage on npcs that have a higher magic bonus than magic level, such as TzKal-Zuk (max hit went from 38 to 57 while wearing nothing but twisted bow and dragon arrows) Fixed the bug where the last three 'blocked task' slayer rewards weren't working (slot 4-6) Chamber of Xeric server events should now broadcast to Discord's #events channel Buffed Vanguards' base hp from 200 to 350, but lowered the rate at which the hp scales depending on raid party size. This is due to complaints of solo raids being tedious with how careful you have to be to not overdamage them Infernal eel's are now automatically cracked one by one (provided you have more than one in your inventory) The item rates for cracking infernal eels has been adjusted to 2/12 for an ONyx bolt tip and 4/12 for 1-5 Lava scale shards The +8 invisible boosts added in the previous patch for FM, Smithing and Cooking while in Donator's skilling area have been removed as they were fairly ineffective. Please note that the boosts for Fishing, Woodcutting and Mining remain however it does not mean you will be able to bypass level requirements, these boosts allow you to gather slightly quicker than normal A bug with the noticeboard at Pest control has been fixed Cerberus's "Grrr!" attack will now have a slight delay before the pools appear A Bartender and a Man will no longer spawn inside your CoX raid (this was due to the cache update done recently where Jagex replaced the small Scavenger npcs) Juan and Paul (HCI and UIM tutors) have been removed. All ironmen will now use Adam as their ironman tutor. Juan was deported. Swapped the spawn locations of the Skillcape seller and the Lesser fanatic (makes a bit more sense for the skillcape seller to be next to Mac aye?) You can now equip Dragon thrown axes The prices of Dragon darts, Dragon bolts and Dragon javelins in the BM store have been reduced to 50 BM each You can now be assigned a Scarabites slayer assignment by Nieve. Added a Sophanem dungeon teleport (you will not need a light source in the area like you would on OSRS) Keris will now be effective on Scarabites Client changes Death plugin reduced to 6 min countdown Re-added xp rate to skill calculator Added additional discord 'playing' events Added achievement task minimap icon to where the Lesser fanatic is Slightly adjusted the positioning of the Veteran, Ex-Staff and Respected member rank icons
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    I'm suggesting either a larger Amethyst mining room or to half the speed that it takes to respawn even make an instanced room instead of a ffa room due to only 2 people can do Amethyst mining at a time and it's still slow as hell. If there are 2 people or more in the mine i feel it's almost slower than Motherload mine.
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    Yea that would be nice. Also would be sick to have "last-task" ability on slayer masters(we have this for skilling tasks)with a fee of like 30-50 slayer points.
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    Changed BM price to 50 for bolts, darts and javelins
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    Introduction This Clan Chat is mainly for Ironmen that are looking for a place where they can share their experiences with other Irons, give any advice and tips to players who are new to the Ironman modes. Players in non-ironman mode can also join if they wish to as there are no set requirements. Rules Server rules still apply in the CC We don't have any rule for the Wilderness stating that you aren't allowed to attack any CC members No flaming/causing arguments with other clans on yell (or in general), doing so may cause you to be de-ranked or temporarily kicked from the clan chat depending on the situation. Ranks Ranks will be given to members who are active in the CC. Discord If you would like to be invited to the discord, please PM any of the following on discord 'Pacwhale#6375' 'Gutta#2426' 'Ruler#2053' 'Fearless#3962'.
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    Can we get bank presets in alphabetical order? Thanks
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    It's about the quantity of the items you get and the usefulness of the items on the table, on osrs you get iron ore and lobsters on here you would get rune bars and addy bars. 100-150 rubies is better than 25-35 that osrs has.
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    I blame @Kadachi for this one.
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    How about blessings/God pages/dragon boots/Master Scroll book/ more cash/jewellery scrolls/Orn kits/dragon darts(tips) more common?/instead of rune armour, dragon armour/some dragon weaponry/dragonstone (cut or uncut). the dragon harpoon and sword (ultra rare, because they are dropped by the new Konar slayer monsters.) High tier herblore supplies, high tier crafting supplies. (i wouldn't mind feather in large quantities), other high tier skilling supplies Wyrm/Drake/Hydra bones? High end food/pots? (or mid tier)
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    99 fishing is done. Wow that is one slow skill... Gonna be onto some woodcutting and runecrafting (hi @Stoop) next.
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    I'm not sure if adding more toplists would be beneficial, but I do agree with the general idea that there needs to be more of an incentive to voting. I personally wouldn't mind seeing the shop itself revamped. Even now, the most expensive items in there (by vote points) are worth less than 50M. The only reason people vote is to sell the vote books or take advantage of the double EXP they give when used. Speaking of which, if a player is claiming their vote books from the chest and they exceed the claim of 3 toplists, they should still get the according vote books. I.e. If you finally get in-game after a few days but have been voting consistently in that time, you shouldn't get only 3 vote books for voting on like 9 toplists. My recommendation would be to add the following rewards (points TBD): Champion's cape (cool looking cape that is useless in the achievement shop, no one will ever buy it) Dragon platebody (useless in the achievement shop, no one will ever buy it) Heart crystal (can stay in the achievement shop as well - it's an item that only HCIs/UIMs buy and since they can't sell vote books, it would be a perfect incentive for them to consistently vote) Royal seed pod (this is a great universal item that works perfectly as a vote reward) Gold leaf (a useful drop from a pretty unknown NPC by most - would work well as a vote reward) Ward upgrade kit (very little of this circulating in-game from what I've seen, but would work well as a vote reward when compared to the ratio of odium/malediction wards in-game) Occult/torture/anguish/fury ornament kits (not sure why these are in the ;;store at all - I would never make the recommendation to anyone to spend roughly $10 USD in credits on an ornament kit) Gnome scarf (nobody is dropping 30M on this at Thessalia's shop..) *Katana (read below for an explanation on this) I have yet to see the standard coloured partyhats/h'ween masks/santa hat pass 100M in market value. Imo, these are items that should be much more desirable. Most people in the RSPS community would expect them to be, which to me is a pretty important stipulation to newcomers. My recommendation would be to remove them from the game entirely for 1 - 2 month(s) and then add them to the ;;store for a high price; the 1 - 2 month interim period will allow the price to flesh out and hopefully increase. In lieu of these rares, I would add: Rainbow partyhat Black partyhat Black santa hat Black h'ween mask This would definitely drive players to vote more or to purchase more vote books. In any event, it would ultimately lead to more voting. I understand that adding those items might be controversial, but earnestly speaking, the vote reward shop right now very unadorned and often ignored entirely. Of course, each of these items should be set at a minimum of 75,000 points, imo. As for the *katana, I added that as my idea for an alternating reward that would be changed on a monthly basis. As of now, I have yet to see a katana in-game. I am aware it is a rare clue reward, but it is by all means a cosmetic. Also, it is not considered a traditional rare clue reward like third-age and ranger boots. Just touching up on the alternating reward idea, I think it would be great if one item in the vote shop was added each month for a high amount of points, and then replaced by another rare item for the next month. The exclusivity and high point value would prevent a flood of said item into the economy and because of that, the alternating reward doesn't have to be restricted to a cosmetic. I only suggested a katana because it's the first thing that came to my mind as a desirable vote reward that would pair well with this idea.
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    This is in the todo but not really a priority
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    Bonds will be worth more than whatever item will be in the store - but adding items that are end-game is P2W - doesn't matter if 1 person complains or 50, it's the same principle of being able to pay your way into the items. The bond system is fine - as selling bonds for GP doesn't directly correlate to gear because 1) You need to sell the bond 2) You then need to find someone selling the gear at a price you're happy with and 3) This doesn't bring more items into the economy to crash their price. When thinking of items for donating, it's something that has to be meticulously thought of and done in a way it's not going to negatively affect the economy (doesn't fully affect me as ironmeme). So in this case there's only a few options to keep the integrity of the game in check. First off, cosmetics - any and all cosmetic rewards/items that are in-game or not in-game yet can be put on there fine - those items provide no bonuses and their economy will be directly related mostly to the cost of the donation if not 10-20% lower than the price of bond equivalents. Second, is raw materials, which again is tricky to balance out because you don't want people just to be able to instantly bank 99 buyables via IRL cash further affecting the resource costs. On the topic of cosmetic/no added benefit rewards - pets. Introduce some alternate pets that might be unobtainable in-game via donations - fashionscape is always a win-win. So as Deluxe has said - it's not that he doesn't want there to be more stuff people want to buy - he can't think of anything that isn't going to impact the server in a negative way, so unless you have some suggestions to help with this - nothing will change until Deluxe/staff have figured out a way to make it more worthwhile.
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    Nice new acc, have fun
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    Welcome to Indova - best of luck on your new account!
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    Hey there! Welcome to Indova, I hope ur getting along fine in game. If you need any help feel free to pm me or ask in help cc.
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    Welcome to the community! I hope you enjoy your time here. Happy Gaming.
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    Welcome to the server! Enjoy your stay, or dont.
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    That's pretty much it. Anything that is 100% afkable just ruins the integrity of the game, in my opinion. It wouldn't be an achievement anymore. Just look at magic, for example. Doesn't really mean anything when you can just stay logged in for a week straight or whatever and have the game hand you free xp for 0 effort. I'd prefer if we removed splashing entirely (but that's a separate issue), but I definitely don't want to add any more free xp skills. No support from me.
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    Good luck on the cc ladies "A storm is coming" @Syndicate
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    This Runecrafting Guide is Guaranteed under Ubba's Ribbon of Approval Before we start, some things you should know beforehand #1 ~ You can only carry 1 stack of 108 Fragments (27 Dark blocks) at any given time. In addition to the 1 stack of 108 Fragments you can also bring 27 EXTRA dark blocks to chisel and use on the altar after you've used the original stack of Fragments #2 ~ You can avoid using the teleport portal at home by spending 50,000 GP (per hour) and unlock quick teleports located at the bottom right of the chat box or by using Enter X2 Requirements 38 ~ & 77 ~ 73 ~ Step 1 Teleport Home and Follow the Trail Step 2 Buy a Pickaxe From Horvik Step 3 Buy a Chisel From Shop Keeper Step 4 Use the Portal at Home Skilling > Mining > Dense Essence Mine Step 5 SMASH THE BIG ROCK Step 6 Use the Portal at Home Skilling > Prayer > Dark Altar Step 7 Pray at the Altar This turns the Dense Essence Blocks into Dark Essence Blocks Step 8 Use the Chisel on The Dark Essence Blocks Step 9 Teleport back to the Dense Essence Mine and Use the Agility Shortcut & Follow the Trail to the Altar 73 Agility needed for the shortcut otherwise, teleport to the dark altar and run from there. Step 10 Click the Altar ~ End ~ Credits: @Frosty - Proof Reader
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    This guide is really meant for anyone who is new to Fight Caves. I'm not exactly an expert myself, so there are some things I could have done better, but Fight Caves doesn't require you to be a professional to complete; it is pretty easy. *Note: I start from 61 in the video. I didn't think to record before then, but the waves before 63 (Jad) are honestly very easy. They are just tedious and require patience, that's all. Below is a rundown of the NPCs in Fight Caves Fight Caves start at wave 50 on Indova, and items are NOT lost upon death. Tz-Kih Level 22 with 10 HP Weakest monster in Fight Caves Attacks with melee Does not require you to activate prayer Looks like Kuto's nan Tz-Kek Level 45 with 20 HP Attacks with melee Does not require you to activate prayer Splits into two weaker NPCs once killed that have 10 HP each (orange one in the image above) Looks like Kuto's nan Tok-Xil Level 90 with 40 HP Attacks with ranged Does not require prayer because it can be killed quickly, but can hit up to 13 without it Slow attacks, can be prayer flicked easily Looks like Kuto's nan Yt-Mejot Level 180 with 80 HP Attacks with melee Requires prayer if in close proximity, can be easily safespotted (see video below at 1:15) Can heal itself if attacking you directly, but not if safespotted Looks like Kuto's nan Ket-Zek Level 360 with 160 HP Attacks with magic Always requires prayer when fighting Actually is Kuto's nan Tz-Tok Jad Level 702 with 250 HP - appears on the final wave, 63 Attacks with magic, ranged and melee if in close proximity Always requires prayer and prayer switching (see below) Spawns healers (Yt-HurKots) at 50% HP that heal him Ultimately, Jad has two types of attacks you need to worry about - ranged and magic. You can see which one is which from the animation below, and also the video. *It is recommended that when fighting Jad, you keep your prayer on protect ranged; his magic attack is much easier to spot and gives you more than enough time to switch your prayers. When you see him stomp, it is his ranged attack, and when you see a ball of fire coming out of his mouth, it is his magic attack. The most difficult part of the fight, and I say that in the most relative manner possible, is when Jad spawns his healers. This is when people start getting nervous and forget to switch their prayers. If you are new to Jad, DO NOT try to attack all the healers at once. It is best to kill them one at a time if you feel nervous. Fight Caves can be completed with gear that is purchasable from the shops at ::home. The image on the right (or below) is what was used in the video, and the image on the left (or above) is another alternative. Unless you have a unholy book or a better ranged item for your shield slot, you don't really need one. You can equip a Rune Kiteshield, which raises your defensive bonuses but lowers your ranged attack bonus by 2. Feel free to do so if you feel safer with the additional defence. The reason I went with MSB over RCB is because I felt that it was more accurate against the NPCs in the caves, and I assumed that Jad's healers would all come towards him at once instead of individually, so the MSB would be quicker in hitting them each in succession to get their attention off Jad. As this guide is meant for beginners, you can see in the video that I simply killed them one at a time. You need at least 40 prayer for the protect magic and ranged prayers, but I would personally recommend having a minimum of 55 prayer, 65 ranged and 50 defence. A lot of players can do it with lower stats, but I think my recommendation is a safe median, especially if you are unexperienced. Your inventory does not need to be too complicated, you can have something like this for example: Ideally you want to make sure you bring enough restores/prayer potions so that you do not run out during the waves. The weaker your gear is/lower your stats are, the more potions you should bring. I would recommend bringing at least 10. You are not likely to use all of them, but there is no harm in being safe. If you have the potions/herblore level to make ranging potions, that would help as well. You can see that in the video that I didn't have ranging pots, but I did have a defence potion. It was completely unnecessary, but I had it in my bank and thought I might as well use it. The food is also there for your own safety, it is unlikely you will need it. A lot of people like to bring sara brews as well; I think it is highly unnecessary for Jad because you really shouldn't be taking that much damage in those 13 waves. ____ *Note - The video starts at wave 61, you can skip ahead to 3:48 to see the Jad fight. Use the Italy rock safespot to preserve prayer points - especially against the level 180 melee NPC (shown at 1:15 in the video) You can essentially stay at the Italy rock area for waves 50-63, and you can poke your head out if NPCs spawned in a completely different area Set your quick prayers to protect mage, that way when you see the level 360 NPC you can simply click it right away If you find yourself running out of prayer/restore potions, use the prayer flicking method to conserve points (can be seen at 1:02 in the video) Be patient and do not over think when fighting Jad, his attacks are quite slow and you have more than enough time to switch prayers If you are new to Fight Caves, DO NOT attack the healers all at once - you will likely get distracted from Jad's attacks and end up dying, kill them one by one Change your screen to resizeable and expand it to get a broader view of your surroundings Scroll out as much as possible to get a broader view of your surroundings Turn on ::hpoverlay to see how much health the NPC you're fighting has left If you forget the respective prayers for each NPC, stick to protect magic - you can do waves 50-62 by just doing that Don't be discouraged if you die - take a break and try it again (I almost got gg'd at 5:04 in the video myself) If you have strong melee stats, you can opt to use melee against the other NPCs in the fight caves to finish them off quicker - in doing so, you will not be able to safespot the level 180 NPC and therefore must pray protect melee; make sure to switch back to ranged when fighting the level 360 NPCs and Jad, as they have a nasty melee hit when in close range

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