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    In-game Name: Kuto MKII Age: Off the clock Location/Timezone: UK How many hours do you play per day?: 10 minutes every 2 weeks Have you ever received a punishment?: Yes, I prefer to use the term 'Battle scars' Do you have any previous experience as a staff member?: Yes I was quality, I've also hosted a full 12 man Quickscope Noscope match on MW2. Why do you want to become a Server Support?: If I make it to moderator, I can ban people mid-gamble and win every time
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    Dear Indovians, The following Promotion has taken place this week: @Skillen Has been promoted toServer support. We are in need of staff. If you believe you should be given a chance, feel free to post a server support application here. Best regards, The Indova staff team.
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    62 kc tbow 11 medium clues for ranger boots
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    Vote on the poll or I'll eat your ass, (Probs gonna do it anyway)
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    Welcome to my CoX & ToB drop list achievement thread. Here I will record which drops I get from both raids. Drops I have will be marked with thumbs up, ones i still need will be thumbs down. Long road ahead of me, thanks for coming along for the ride!
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    MY goodness KUTO SENPAI you gave me a good laugh thanks mate. I wish you the best of luck with that moderator rank split it 5050 not he winnings with me okay
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    Welcome to Indova and the forums! Nice account so far dude! I'm so jelly of that magic lvl haha anyways I hope you enjoy your time here and I have fun
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    You have been voted off the island. *kuto throws off broodoo mask and torches the village*
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    you are toxic you will never be a staff member
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    Someone make this happen
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    Looks like Peri was right. It definitely was your day. Awesome drops congratulations
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    I'm creating this poll to canvas how many people, if any, would be interested in participating in a Signature of the Fortnight competition. Generally most forums that hold a competition as such do it on a weekly basis (Signature of the Week), but I can already anticipate that being too short of a time period for an adequate amount of entries to be entered. Vote on the poll and please note that the winner of each competition would be given an in-game reward. Either cash or item(s); TBD. If you do not know what the competition would entail, you can read the spoiler below. The competition will have rules, of course, but it would ultimately be a friendly competition. I would encourage players to enter for the fun of it, regardless of whether they believe they'll win or not. Anyone who starts to become acerbic will be disqualified and may be prohibited from participating in any future SOTFs.
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    Best of luck with your application but you should post it here
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    Disclaimer: The Administration team reserves the right to punish any member regardless of whether or not the rule is specifically covered for any reason. These rules are to be taken as guidelines which cover general scenarios. Common sense should be used where possible as to what’s right and wrong if a certain situation is not covered. If you are unsure whether something is considered rule-breaking, ask a staff member before doing so. It is a players responsibility to know the rules or ask whether something is rule-breaking beforehand, we will not accept any excuses in punishment appeals. Ingame Rules 1) Flame, Disrespect, Harassment and Inappropriate Content Indova consists of players from various religions, race, sexual orientation etc. We will not tolerate any flame or disrespect towards any person, race, religion and so on. Doing so will result in temporary to permanent mutes at the discretion of staff. Indova aims to provide a safe and friendly environment, we cannot do this if players are found to be flaming, flamebaiting, being inappropriate or disrespecting each other. If players are being inappropriate in yell, we have the right to disable a players ability to yell. We will allow cursing to be an exception however this must not be excessive or aimed towards another player. Account names that are found to be offensive or inappropriate will be given name changes or banned. We will allow players to transfer their tradeable items to a new account before it being permanently banned but anything else will not be transferred. Where name changes are done, the player will be asked to choose a more sensible name. If the player fails to do this, the staff may choose a random name for them to continue playing on Indova with. As Indova is mainly an English speaking community, we kindly ask players to communicate in English while using Yell or the Help clan chat. This rule does not apply for any other chat. Players must not disrespect any of the staff members. The Staff team is made up of players who are volunteering and giving their free time in order to make Indova a better and cleaner community to be an enjoyable server for players. If a player has an issue with a staff member, they should look towards contacting an Administrator to be resolved or create a staff report (if needed). Anyone found disrespecting staff will be punished based on the severity. The ‘Help’ clan chat is to be used for help or Indova-related topics only, this is to avoid random discussions taking priority over a new player in need of help. Players must be appropriate while in this chat. Staff members reserves the right to punish the player if they do not listen to warnings given about this rule. 2) Spamming The act of flooding the chat with the same or unnecessary chat is not allowed. We have a fully working Autochat feature that players may use (Right click the Public chat tab > Autochat) to avoid flooding the chat and disrupting others. If a player wishes to use another auto typer, they must set the duration to 10-15 seconds. The punishment depends on the nature of spam, if the spam consists of being extremely inappropriate or intent to cause offence to others then the punishment will be more severe. We ask for the clans to only advertise their clan once every 30 minutes. Anyone found pushing this limit on numerous occassions will be yell toggled. Due to previous incidents, members should also avoid private messaging excessive amounts of players about their clan as this does fall under the spam rule for clans. 3) Scamming We ask for players to be respectful and not (attempt to) scam each other, it is simply immature and not worth the time for players or for staff to deal with. Players found breaking this rule will be given a temporary to permanent punishment and will be made to refund the items that were scammed. This applies especially for activities such as staking at the Duel arena. Impersonation of staff or other players is not tolerated. Anyone found doing so will result in their account being banned and possibly will be removed depending on severity. We cannot stop players from lending each other items. This is something that the staff members will not get involved with as we consider this a trust between the players. This is the players responsibility as they are trusting the other player to their own accord. This also applies to promises of ‘item splits’ as we see this based on trust, if agreements of splits are made they should be made clear as to how the drop will be split to prevent any issues and altercations. If you are not willing to lose an item, do not lend it out. Player-run gambling is forbidden and is not something the staff team encourages. An example of this being “shielding”. We instead encourage players to make use of other methods such as the Duel Arena where it is much safer. Any person found taking part in player-run gambling activities will be punished at the discretion of the staff team. If a player is to be scammed in player-ran gambles, they will not be entitled to any refunds. 4) Macro Indova aims to provide a fair experience for all its players so the use of any macro, autoclicker, scripts, bot/client or anything else of this nature is strictly prohibited. Autotalkers are an exception to this however these must be set to 10-15 seconds delay, alternatively the player may use the built-in autochat feature. Staff members will regularly conduct checks on suspected bot/macro users, the player must reply to these checks or risk being punished. If you are found breaking this rule, it will result in a temporary ban of the account along with a reset of skills and items being emptied. Repeated offences of this will result in a permanent punishment. 5) Advertising Members must not mention or discuss any other active RSPS servers or communities. We also encourage members to not advertise Indova on other RSPS’s, as doing so will lead to punishment. Breaking this rule will result in a temporary to permanent punishment at the discretion of staff handling the offence. Clans may only advertise themselves every 30 minutes in yell. Anyone found throwing shade towards other clans within their advertisements will be dealt with harshly at our discretion as this was proven to be causing issues between clans previously. 6) Vote Abusing The act of using multiple devices or VPN’s in order to vote is strictly prohibited. Not only will this harm the economy with bringing in a vast amount of rewards but it also puts us at risk of being delisted from the vote sites. This will result in a severe punishment, typically a permanent ban. 7) Hacking Hacking on the server is not and will never be acceptable in this community. We take the privacy of members seriously here so breaking this rule will result in a permanent punishment. 8) Bug Abuse If a bug is found, players must report it in the bug section for the development team to fix. We do not expect players to continue abusing a bug or telling others about it. We aim to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for players, abusing bugs does not help with this. Any player found breaking this rule will be punished based on the severity. 9) Real World Trading The act of purchasing or selling any accounts, items or services with other players is strictly forbidden regardless of it being Indova related. Attempting to RWT will also result in the same punishment. This will result in permanent punishments on the player and any other accounts that are involved at the discretion of staff. Graphics services are excluded from this rule, however the payment of such services must be using Indova items/gp. 10) Account Sharing Players are to not share their account details with others, this applies especially to their siblings or close friends. They are expected to be the only owner of the account and be responsible for its security. If players are found account sharing, the account will be permanently banned and any items that may have been exchanged by players on to the account will not be refunded. This also applies to account giveaways. 11) Multilogging While having multiple accounts logged in at once is generally allowed, you must not: Use multiple accounts to PvM at the same boss. Use multiple accounts in the Wilderness at once. Use multiple accounts in the same activity, for example, players must not use multiple accounts at Pest Control or Barrows. Use multiple accounts to train the same skill, an example being multiple accounts used to train Thieving at once. Use multiple accounts to cause disruption or be a nuisance to others. Players found breaking this rule will typically be warned before a punishment is given, this is at the discretion of staff. 12) Punishment Evasion If a player is banned and restricted from creating new accounts, they are expected to carry out the punishment length and not attempt to evade their punishment. If a player is found avoiding their punishment, their original punishment length will be extended, possibly resulting in a permanent ban. If a player finds themselves banned on one of their accounts, they should generally avoid pestering staff about their account status. If the player continues to harass the staff member in question, the staff has the right to temporarily mute the player. 13) PvP We aim for the Wilderness to be a place of little rules as much as possible. Farming is not allowed, whether it be for the kills or blood money. We have measures put in place to combat this issue but players must not attempt to bypass this under any circumstances. The punishment for this will depend on the severity but it will typically result in temporary bans on the accounts involved. Scouting is not permitted, this is the act of going on an alternative account to see whether there’s any other players in certain areas of the Wilderness. This includes using 2 or more accounts to hop between for the purpose of scouting an area or in attempts to PK others. If a member is to report someone of scouting within the Wilderness, images and/or videos must be provided as evidence in a report on the forums. 14) Refunds Disconnections - If a player has lost items due to a server disconnection, they can expect to be refunded. This does not insure instances where only you have been disconnected, as it could have very well been your own connection to the server at fault. If there is no indication of the server disconnecting leading to the loss of items, a refund will not be in place. Bugs - Items lost from a bug will only be refunded if the bug has been verified to exist after having posted a bug report. If a player is eligible for a refund, they will be contacted by Administration and their refund will be issued. Donations - Any donations made are not refundable as you are donating to keep the server online and not making any sort of purchase. Charging back your donation to Indova will result in the account being permanently banned. If you are unhappy with the donation made, please create a thread here and we will see what can be done to help. Hacks - We are not obliged to refund players any items that are lost if they were hacked. Indova provides sufficient account security methods that can be used to protect your account. We ask for players to avoid using passwords that they’ve previously used on the internet incase of any leaked databases. We also encourage players to regularly update their passwords to avoid the event of getting hacked. Scams - Refunds from scams will generally not be given (especially if it was a trust trade) if the items are still in the economy. It is now 2018 and falling for scams should be a thing of the past with how simple it is to avoid them. An example being the Duel arena providing the ability to check your opponents inventory to prevent a scam from occuring. Exceptions to this can be made depending on the situation where proof is provided. Forum Rules 1) Inappropriate Language and Content We will not tolerate any disrespect or flame towards any person, religion, race or belief. Any posts found doing so will result in the deletion of the topic aswell as the members involved being given warning points. Any content which is found to be inappropriate or has NSFW content will be removed. Members found breaking this rule will receive warning points to a possible temporary ban. 2) Spamming Spam can be found in many different forms. Here at Indova, spamming is considered as: Gravedigging - posting on threads that are older than 2 weeks is known as gravedigging. This rule is excluded in the spam, guides, clan recruitment/discussion/media sections, and for any topic in which the replying post is worthwhile. One word posts - whether this counts towards your post count or not, this is known as spam and will be removed (excluding posts in the spam, introductions/farewells, goals and achievements, any official update boards and for any player-run/official events). We would much rather see players be thorough with their posts. Offtopic - any posts that don’t contribute towards the topic will be removed. Multi-posting - this is the act of posting multiple consecutive posts in a row on a thread where the posts could have been added to the first post. Players can avoid this by making use of the edit and multi quote features. Incorrect section - players must post threads in the correct sections. If a player is unsure, they are advised to ask another member of the community or a staff member for assistance. Punishments for spamming can range from warnings to temporary/permanent posting restrictions. 3) Reputation Abuse The reputation system is to be used fairly within the community, this should not be used be abused by creating multiple accounts for the reason of giving yourself reputation or by requesting reputation from others. Members found boosting (whether intentional or not) their reputation points will have their reputation reduced or potentially reset completely. 4) Advertising Members must not mention or discuss any other active RSPS servers or communities on the forums. Doing so will result in your forum privileges being revoked along with an ingame mute. Any links posted on the forums must comply with the above rule. They must not be misleading and must only redirect to the site that has been stated. 5) Real World Trading The act of purchasing or selling any accounts, items or services is strictly forbidden. This will result in permanent punishments on the player and any other accounts that are involved at the discretion of staff. Graphics services are excluded from this rule, however the payment of such services must be using Indova items/gp. 6) Account Sharing Players are to not share their account details with others, this applies especially to their siblings or close friends. They are expected to be the only owner of the account and be responsible for its security. If players are found account sharing, the account will be permanently banned. This also applies to account giveaways. 7) Hacking and Exploits Hacking on the forums is not and will never be acceptable in this community. We take the privacy of members seriously here so breaking this rule will result in a permanent punishment. If an exploit is found, it is the member's duty to report it to the Administration team without hesistation. Withholding an exploit intentionally or sharing it to others will result in the members involved receiving a punishment. 8) Punishment Evasion Punishments given to players are expected to be carried out to their full length. If a member is to evade a punishment, they will receive a further punishment that will be harsher. This should be taken seriously, especially if you want to be considered a second chance.
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    Construction because bank space is so scarce.
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    The celebrity of the server returns. Chief and Katie must've voted you off toxic island again.
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    poor Kuto, trying to be a staff member for probably a year now, and stil... stuck being a pleb. < 3
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    I chose PvP based on the PvP bot statement, I've seen a lot of new people run to the wild ditch...see it empty and then complain/leave. It's also daunting fighting a real person when you're terrible which puts people off, could get more wild keys/blood money introduced without the rev meta

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