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De Gea

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  1. De Gea

    Vote Shop

    I'd love to see items that are actually useful in vote shop, not a cosmetic type of guy yo.
  2. Nice progress mate, keep up the grind and good luck!
  3. Welcome, you seem like a cool pal, enjoy your stay mate!
  4. De Gea


    Welcome to indova and enjoy your stay
  5. De Gea


    Can we have like command in game ::blacklist for people who are known for scamming? It would prevent players shielding with those scammers and maybe many players wouldn't scam at all if they know they're gonna end up on the list. If duel arena is going to be added soon then nm this suggestion.
  6. Nice progress so far mate, keep up the grind and good luck!
  7. Welcome to indova man, enjoy your stay.
  8. gl bruh and may the rng god be with you.

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