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  1. Would be nice to have a separate item introduced, so it's a 1 click teleport, vs being like the Construction cape for example, where you have to right click, then left click.
  2. @ ::topic 2472 ! Leave your feedback!

  3. So, just a few suggestions I had; Adding a timer for the Godwars Altars in the boss rooms, so you know how long until you can pray at the altar again. Runelite client already has this, so shouldn't be too hard to code on Indova. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Possibly adding a 1 click teleport to the ::dzone, like how the royal seed pod is a 1 click teleport to ::home. (Donator only, obviously) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adding a store at home that has some basic potions, such as Super Sets, and possibly Anti-Fires, and Super Anti-Poisons for the newcomers, but making them unnoted, so they can't be bought in surplus, and require trips back and forth to the bank, just like the herbs and secondaries to make said potions. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adding 'Filled Plant Pots' to the farming store. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This one may be considered a bit of a "custom item", but if possible, maybe being able to create an option to add a Vorkath head to the Ranging Skillcape. I know that the Ava's Assembler already exists, but this item would allow players to have the nice look of a skillcape, with the +2 range strength bonus, as well as the +4 prayer bonus that the Ranging Skillcape provides. Perhaps make it unlockable by completely a new quest, or by using a certain number of Vorkath heads on a Ranging Skillcape, i.e., 5 Vorkath heads would make this cape. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Coding the Abyssal Tentacle, Toxic Trident, Toxic Blowpipe, and Serpentine Helm to all hold their place in their respective spots in player's banks. (I'm sure this is already been made aware, and has probably already been suggested before) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adding the 'Price Checker' that's used in the Equipment tab, and using Sigmund's buy prices as the price checker. Would be helpful for people who have lots of rune items, or Mole parts, etc to value their collections, and know what they might be selling them for collectively. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two words. Abyssal. Sire. :') -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All feedback is welcome! Let me know what you guys think of my suggestions. Regards, Mikal
  4. Nan Tits.

    1. Justin


      saggy and yet still so soft.


  5. Mikal

    Vote Shop

    Good ideas, but as for the boxes, we already have that exact thing in the Skill Shop, and wouldn't wanna make it repetitive. Also, I agree with Rubber Chicken, and maybe like the Lederhosen, and Camo outfits. Love the look of those. As for the prayer scrolls, Meh. I think that anyone who would have enough vote points for those means they've been playing long enough to either get them on their own, or buy them by then. Other than that, looks good to me. A Vote Shop revision is definitely needed.
  6. Mikal


    This is the smolest pp I've evr seen. V nice pp, ty.
  7. So, I've been playing now for about roughly 2 months or so, and I realized I have yet to make a "proper" introduction, so here it is. Hello everyone, my name is Michael. I'm 23, and I live in South Florida, USA. I work full time at a gas station, and I'm currently the 2nd shift manager there, but don't worry, it's not one of those shitty little, hole in the wall gas stations. We have class. :') I normally play in my spare time, which is usually after work, which is why I play later in the evening. Other than that tho, I enjoy either playing other various forms of video games, either on Steam, or on PS4. I'm engaged to the most beautiful woman I could ever ask for. Looks & Personality are 10/10, lemme tell ya. She enjoys video games as well, but refuses to play Runescape with me, because she's a weeb, ya know. I'm what some people would call, "obsessed" with tattoos, lmao. I'm covered on most of my body, and I plan to keep going until I'm completely covered. Anyhow, not much else to say. I'm a pretty simple individual, for the most part. I've already made tons of friends ingame, but some are a bit closer than other, y'all know who you are, you sexy mf'ers. <3 But yeah, hmu ingame for whatever, IGN - Mikal. To close, here's a picture of myself, and that sweet piece of ass I told y'all about. (:
  8. A man cast into the fiery depths of Oblivion, Is reborn with the fury of a thousand tormented souls!
  9. Beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllll. Maybe now I can break my dry streak @ Abby Demons. Sadgame.
  10. I was offered to join this cc on my first day on Indova, and I've just fit right in ever since. Full of great people, and I really like that everyone looks out for everyone else in the clan. It's gr8 m8. 10/10 would be a Hardcore again.. btw.

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