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  1. Crank

    Vote Shop

    I agree ill add it to the main post
  2. Crank

    Vote Shop

    So, been playing Indova for awhile and i always see people selling votes and all that jazz, but after looking at the vote shop, it's not even worth voting. So, im going to propose some new rewards be added to the vote shop 1. Crystal seed to make all 3 crystal items (gives another way of getting them other than slayer points) 2. A custom box kinda like the mystery box but it gives bars, ores, seeds, crafting supplies, planks, raw fish and logs 3. Tome of fire so there's other ways of obtaining it besides blood money 4. a scroll that gives 10% extra chance of getting a cluescroll for 30 minutes 5. another scroll that gives you 5 extra points at pest control for 60 minutes 6. Add the dex and arcane prayer scrolls from raids to vote shop for a high price, that way there's other ways to obtain them 7. A scroll to give a 5% more chance at a wilderness key and 5% more blood money from kills (to make people wanna pk) 8. Remove the xp lamps from achievement shop and add them to the vote shop Feel free to add more suggestions!

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