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  1. I'm not a huge fan of our home location, for many reasons. This is just my thoughts on what a successful home area should look like and how it can be more unique and accessible.
  2. It looks somewhat better, way better than what it was previously. I would like to see a better font.. this generic font does not fit very well with a RSPS.. IMO. The previous font was much better and sharper. This theme needs details added, some type of OSRS feel.. Possibly make it a tad more darker, almost as dark as the "Reply Box" area.. #181818 The Information Box displaying your Name, profile picture, etc. should be a different color than the actual post area. Having them blend like this isn't very appealing. Make User Avatars [square].. NOT a (circle). Thanks for updating this
  3. Absolutely terrible, after being away for personal reasons to come back to Indova and seeing a completely different forum is alarming. The font on the "default" theme is horrible, whoever is webdeveloping is not doing a very good job IMO. As stated above the darker theme looks 100x better. Why try to fix something that isn't broken? PLEASE change the default to the previous forum theme..
  4. I appreciate the quick Dragon Bolt fix! I also want to thank you for fixing a ton of others issues, well done! Most of these were definitely QoL updates, drop rates reduced will help I'm sure of it. Thank you Tom!
  5. Dax

    desert gate

    Spam Section..
  6. Not bad! Nice pet hoard, I see you sneaking them in!
  7. It would happen eventually @Deluxe, just how OSRS clue scroll locations, riddles, puzzles, etc. have been released. It's hard to keep a secret a secret if 100's of players have solved the Indova Riddles. But.. I'm pretty good at riddles, maybe I can produce a few that no one can solve!
  8. 10/10 Easily the most dedicated player in-game on top of being the most knowledgable/helpful as a staff member.
  9. That's extremely good RNG. Well done on Relic, that's insane! 0% boost as well.
  10. Dax

    Clan Banners

    Hey thanks for the critique, I guess it could have looked better. But I love the overall piece, not really looking into the fine print of it all. I do think if I had more experience and actual training in C4D/PS I would be phenomenal.. but I'll keep my work as a hobby and stay self-taught, haha.
  11. Dax

    Clan Banners

    I do plan on making more work once our clan base becomes more popular, just PM me on discord if you are in need of a banner for your clan. Ascendancy: Syndicate: Ruthless:
  12. Nice, old, but nice. Unfortunately only current Indova entries are allowed. Please re-post a submission if you choose to participate, thank you @isabella!
  13. Hey! This is rather a simple yet fun event for all you fashionscape players! This event will consist of how creative you can get when it comes to the perfect cosmetic outfit in-game. Players that enter this event will be judged on how unique their outfit is overall and how the community judges your appearance! The winner of this event will be given a cold 200M Cash Prize! All you have to do is enter your entry for the event below and you will be given a spot in a Future Poll that will be judged by the community. You have until October 30th before the deadline is up and your entry will be judged by the community on Halloween Day, October 31st! RULES: - NO EDITING YOUR ORIGINAL ENTRY. You may re-post a new entry if you are choosing to withdraw your last entry. (if you do not understand this please PM me in-game/forums) - You have until October 30th to post your outfit submission on this thread. October 31st will be the judging day! - No copying the same outfit, the quicker you submit/lock your outfit into the event your outfit can not be taken. - YOU MUST create a Title for your outfit, this is important. -Absolutely no trolling on this thread, submissions that are not serious will be ignored. - HAVE FUN! TIPS: The more creative the better your odds of winning. You have 25 days total to create the best outfit, it's best you open a lot of clue caskets, etc. and find masks and what not! Do not go simple, the winner should have a unique outfit. Submission EXAMPLE; Outfit Title: Chick-Fil-let!
  14. Dax

    Slayer guide

    Great guide and very informative, the only small change I would add is the new update making enchanted scroll needed to imbue a slayer helm since it is no longer automatically imbued. Thank you @Ralts!

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