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  1. Very nice well detailed guide for HCI. Hope this helps a lot out!
  2. I like the lost in time one, looks nice!
  3. Can't wait for this update
  4. This is why I never wanted to make a duo-ironman because you can't trust anyone these days.
  5. Best of luck with your streaming! I'll be sure to pop in sometime.
  6. Congratulations on all your progress, good luck with the future goals!
  7. I'm interested to know what items some people want the most on Indova. edit: seeing as no newcomer entered, I will be choosing a different way of doing my giveaway
  8. Good luck with your goals, try not to die
  9. Very nice video Fewb, like always! Keep it up
  10. This is going to be a grind, good luck! I'll be sure to follow this post
  11. Very interesting, hope to see people streaming in the future
  12. Nice video, glad to see new videos for Indova!
  13. Damn that's some dedication right there, very well deserved!

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