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  1. hey Kadachi, could you please check my appeal?  appreciate it alot. thank you for helping and guiding me for my appeal. grtz much love, Sushimaker.

  2. In-game name: SushimakerTheatre of Blood/Chambers of Xerics kill count: idk Tob kc but i can do ToB i think its less then 10 but i am not sure,CoX kc 133.Picture of gear: What would make you an asset to Deviant Warriors?: i would really like to join to learn alot more from all you guys. i learn quick and i like to help people with alot of things if i can. i am sorry that i havent put more efford in my first apply. i am not used to do anything on a forum. but like i said i learn quick. i love to play rs07,bossing,raids or events. i am willing to do whatever it takes to join. Can anyone vouch your place in the clan?: not sure, i know the most members on the clan list ,never had problems with anyone on the list. i hope i may have the chance to join the clan. aslo again , sorry for my first apply! i do the best i can. grtz,thanks all.

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