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True Legend

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  1. ty alot for this peri! Love your guides!
  2. I love ZEAH cause all of my ranger boots happend there on osrs and i've had 4 of those in 414 meds xd. Congratulations on your rangers man!
  3. Well my username just says it all XD I'm a true legend! I go on osrs by the name kisulora v2 "friends gave me the name which are from finnland they told me it means kittycat? i have no clue xd"
  4. True Legend


    Welcome Nick, looking forward to meet you in game!
  5. I agree to your suggestions faith! Especially the god pages thing.
  6. Best of luck to all of you peeps! Alltho my vote goes to baconkiller since he has always been up to help me.
  7. True Legend


    Hiiiii looking forward to meet you in game! enjoy your stay :).
  8. Heeyy Mikal don't think I catched you yet in game hope you are enjoying the server just like I do! Looking forward to meet you in game!

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