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  1. Yeah I figured it was only the tip of the iceberg, I just noticed it when doing Scorpia that it was messed up lmao
  2. Could we have some changes made to frequently used items and their relative values? If you look at my added screenshot its pretty ridiculous how the saved items top any of the bottom items in value (excet for the mystic bottoms and MA2 cloak). I reckon this happens with a lot of items, and I'd rather not lose my eternals because I decided to wear mystics while bossing in the wildy.
  3. Awesome as usual dude, keep up the great work!
  4. Yes and no. I agree that it does take the fun out of the challenge, however, if people really don't want to solve them they'd find out through other players anyways. Like I said, the riddles are great for those that like solving them, but I don't see a problem with a guide for those that can't be asked but would like some AP. Thanks! Added the last few because of Syndicate cc!
  5. I asked Ralts if it was okay to post and he approved it. To be honest I don't see the problem with the answers being here. They're still covered by spoilers, and players that want to figure them out themselves can do so without accidentally seeing the answers.
  6. Hey Indova, As a new player I needed a lot of achievement points for things like Elite Void et cetera. Riddles seemed like easy points, but unfortunately there was no guide on the forums for it, so I took matters into my own hands and asked around for help. You will find visual aid by clicking on the links provided, I couldn't find a way to add all the images directly into the post as it wouldn't allow me to upload more than 0.5 MB in total. A big thanks to Worth for helping me out with most of these, and to the Syndicate cc for finding the last few! Fall from grace The law is working well Robert Fortune would be proud Magic vault buster Enchantment is key to Dis magical place I bet he'll feel bad in the mourning 2 birds, 1 stone Going ape over the burial Logging in I need ham-me-downs to fit in Good luck with the achievement grind! Pils

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