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Hardcore Ironman
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  1. Nox

    Bug Fixes

    Thanks for fixing the bug on not being able to move at certain places. Saw alot of people experiencing it yesterday.
  2. Nice update. Very nice job with the server and updates.
  3. My favourite skills have to be Runecrafting, Agility, Thieving (yes call me weird). Idk. I've enjoyed Agility and RC always from the time when i started playing osrs and till today.
  4. I work at home so mostly when i'm working i play on my 2nd monitor. When on free time and not outside doing things i like to watch netflix on my 2nd monitor while playing.
  5. Welcome to the server bud. Hope you enjoy the server as much as i do
  6. Hey Friends. This is going to be my forums post what i will update every day / week about my account's progress so far. I will be adding / removing things from this post as i progress further onto the account. At the start i'm going for a few skilling goals like +5000 sharks etc to keep myself sustained for a little when doing slayer etc. [ x ] My Long term goals are to get gear for CoX to get some of the "main" items from there first. This first week is just going to be me prepping for Barrows. I've obtained the Full Rogue's and Angler's outfit and i'm working on a stack of prayer potions and Sharks. Red x = Unobtained Green x = Obtained GODWARS DUNGEON ZULRAH (Profit Snek) LIZARDMAN SHAMAN KRAKEN
  7. Hey there. I'm Nox and i've been playing OSRS since the "og" osrs at 07. Eversince i've loved to go for highscores and what not, nowdays a bit burnt on OSRS EHP Nerding so i decided to check out RSPSes for the "first" time. Loving the server so far on what i've played. Going to be making a Goals & Achievements forums thread where i'll update the guys who are interested in my HCIM's progress on item drops, goals, future and stuff like that. If you ever want to chat with me hit me up ingame -> Nox or at discord.

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