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  1. he has locked hp xp, don't see him as a real 10 hp tbh
  2. I already got the cannon unlocked, just would love to be able to do pc ofcourse
  3. Hello everyone, as of now I am currently the only 10 hp account in indova which is with the current state of the server a hard choice to be. To make it easier for me, And for all other people seeking the unusual. I know a suggestion like this will not be high priority cause it's not a popular build as of today I am still hoping to raise some attention on how and what can be changed to accomplish this build. I am against locking hitpoints experience [which currently is not an option] because it would make things too easy. However, If we lock a combat skill we still gain hitpoints exp. This could be in my oppinion changed.. Locking strength would result in gaining no hitpoints experience. The reason for this is that no 10 hp accounts will profit form this because they would still have to find other ways to level strength, For example field walking puro puro or barbarian fishing. Pest control could have doors and barriers added to be repaired for the skillers so they don't have to do 30 damage, 30 damage will obviously grant hitpoints experience thus being no option as of now. open for input, will add to this.
  4. this is not about knowledge, this is about who can google the fastest!
  5. Thanks alot for your feedback! Which is what I'm after, Rather see invested in a prize pool than in some random content creators. Ah I missed that one then, my excuses.
  6. As much as I currently love indova I think the potential to grow has to pay out. I think some additions could be made still to be even more perfect. A note before reading, These are just my personal suggestions.. I am open for everyone's oppinion! 1. No Randy's Only work with content creators that actually play the game, Content creators that do it for the money usually don't bring new players to a private server. They usually have no game knowledge and get to spawn stuff, they have a paid for oppinion. Never hire sohan 2. Reason to vote Add ranger boots to the crystal chest at a super rare rate -> Then add crystal keys to vote shop for a fair price, Not too cheap ofcourse. Let's say 1 vote can buy you 1/2 keys. 3. Ironman dmm I would love to see an ironman deadman event which lasts a week, With the right prize for the winners I think this could bring a lot of new players to the game. (I don't know if this would even be possible, But I know this would make the server super hyped. 4. Donator zone Do a rework on the donate zone and make them all in 1, Move skilling possibility to a main point in the donator zone and a cave entrance for the dungeon. This will seperate the community a little less and make up for a main point for donors. 5. The inferno Keep 3 wave inferno but release the full inferno as an option to do for a higher pet rate and as a pvm achievement. 6. Random voter of the day If someone claims a vote give them a chance to become random voter of the day, It will be server wide announced and this player can choose a bonus xp for 2 hours on a skill of choosing. since this is a personal bonus it will be only for this player, This will motivate more players to vote and get more known. You hate agility, Agility doesn't hate you =] Thanks for reading. Open for tweeking!
  7. I've been part of this clan for a few days now.. and I can defenitely say it feels great to be a part of this clan, They are super helpful and friendly.
  8. Thanks for your input, I fully agree!
  9. This is incorrect, I was at the moment more than active in puro puro.
  10. I think the puro puro server notification is an unfair addition to the game. The reason why I want this removed is as follows, The yell notification is only triggered when dragon and lucky implings can be found in puro puro. I see no problem in this at first, But.. the only way this notification is triggered is when someone catches implings. I think this is unfair to the player ''spawning'' the impling. I was recently in puro puro and got 1 dragon and 3 lucky's spawned, I can't catch the lucky's yet but I can get the dragon imps. Before I could act to the spawns a server yell was announced and all of a sudden 3 players rushed themselves to puro puro. I think Dragon and lucky implings should be an award for catching other imps too, Not because someeone is currently chasing implings. If you want dragons and lucky's, Work for them.. you should earn them and not get them cause everyone is notified.
  11. wishing you best of luck on this achievement.

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