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  1. No problems here I love it. I love slayer it's pretty much what I do the entire time muhahahaha. Slow road to 200m slayer.
  2. Cubia

    Drop table fix

    Simple easy drop table fix. Recently Tom and the team had to revert the small fix to the drop table that was limiting the drop table from actually grabbing the items that come after another item under the same drop #. The FIX Take the items that are listed under the same drop rate say 1/512 and move 1 item up to 1/513 or down to 1/511. This way the drop table wouldn't have the problem described below. I know this seems like a lot of work to have to go through the entire drop tables to change them however it would fix the drop problems. 6/16/2018 How the drop table used to work: when getting an item as a drop, what happened behind the scenes was that it would go through all the drop table items. Keep in mind that items are in order from highest to lowest drop rate. It would get a random number from one to the item's drop rate (for example, for abyssal whip it would get a random number from 1 to 512), if the random number was equal to 1, we would immediately drop the item. This works in most cases, however in cases where two or more items have the same drop rate (for example, arcane and spectral sigils from Corporeal beast or Crystals from Cerberus), they always had to be in a certain order where some of the drops came before the others. Taking the Crystals from Cerberus as an example: what this means is that getting the last crystal on the drop table was always going to be slightly more rare than getting the first or even second. This is where the issue lied. How the drop table works now: it now works in a similar fashion, however instead of immediately returning an item when the random number is equal to 1, we add it to a list. Once we go through all possible table items and add any others to this list (if their random number based on their drop rate was 1), we then grab a random item from this list and return that as the drop. This bug was really situational and only affected the drop rates of items on the same drop table with the same drop rate by a small margin. As an example, spectral sigil and arcane sigil both have a 1/1250 drop rate, that means the spectral sigil (the one that came first in the drop table) affected the drop rate of arcane sigil by 0.0008% (1/1250). However this still had some affect on drop rates when it shouldn't as we want ::drops to be 100% accurate. This is why this has now been addressed and fixed 6/21/2018 - Due to some feedback from our community, the drop changes made recently have been reverted I do not know how to do the whole quoting thing sorry Tom.
  3. Keep up the good work Mate you’ll max out minus the 10hp. You should suggest to the team to add in a special Max cape for all you peeps going for max without the hits. Something that lets everyone know what you accomplished.
  4. Great job man I’m sure this will help a lot of new people joining.
  5. I love this forum topic. I honestly got my username as a pet name I had in school growing up. We’d talk about our heritages in school and when it got to me I said I was Cuban because my parents were from Cuba. I was born in the US but soon after that everyone would always call me Cuby (Q-B) soon after that a few of my friends started calling me either Cub-Bear or Cubia( I was a cubs fan ). So most normally my gamer tags on the PS4, WoW, and various other games has been Cubiabear and or some form of it. Hell even in the military my nickname was Cuby ( I was in almost 8 years ) I didn’t include runescape in the game listing because my first runescape account was given to me by a middle school buddy to get me to start playing. However I haven’t logged on the account in so long but if I ever did I’d probably do a name change to Cubia or Cubiabear or some form of it.
  6. Cubia

    Full Vorkath Guide

    Will definitely try vorkath soon ty for the guide big man
  7. Grats big boss recky ross
  8. Guess I’ll start runecrafting a bit tomorrow YAWNNNNNN ps: Tom would you like pizza this weekend. *coughcough* I know I would like infernal cape since I suck at that inferno watchamacallsit.
  9. I’m not full of myself but I do love myself because well i’m amazing. Unlike Kuto.....

  10. Cubia

    Thoughts on Indova

    Ive been around the block on the RSPS world and yes the server great potential. However......... Tom you are the father of peri JERRY JERRY JERRRY JERRY HIT HIM WITH THE CHAIR. SECURITY. wewoooowewooo

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