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  1. nice, now just cox left for a buff
  2. how is 5k bloods an hour sweating it fast? fremmenik boots only have 15 charges which lasts 40~ minutes.. edit: with 5k blood runes an hour which is sweating it (not afking at all) it would take 12 hours to fill each weapon which would take barely 10 hours of raids to empty it again.. not viable at all and remember we are playing a rsps (you can even buy blood runes on an ironman on osrs)
  3. yes disregard that suggestion. didn't know it was already suggested
  4. add a store with blood runes for ironmen it's ridiculous how much sanguinesti/scythe use compared to how much you get from all sources.. and make it so duo ironmen can go to regular ironman (with consent from duo partner maybe)
  5. just leave it where it is. it's perfect this way no need to change it every week..

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