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  1. So since last time I have gotten alot better at runescape in general, not asking questions as much and grinding really hard! I now have a Duo iron man that I've been playing more then my main, so this post will have some from my main but from here on out my iron will be more prominent. Main Drops: https://imgur.com/a/CyOuLL6 (rip) https://imgur.com/JfpegW2 (rip x2) https://imgur.com/yeOhr4a (I have bad luck) https://imgur.com/rLH2PNJ (I wanted pet but ok) https://imgur.com/1xfbxqT (first whip) https://imgur.com/CXCsaXR (Another?) https://imgur.com/R0KuJOj (ok you can stop with the whips) https://imgur.com/ZeJl7J1 (All my rng goes towards whips 4 in 700kc) Main Bank update: https://imgur.com/KinyPaa Iron Man 20x Drops: https://imgur.com/oD1dga1 (Thats not a zen shard?) https://imgur.com/SMePrbH (I was shoeless too long) https://imgur.com/2uZM14d (Tzhaar your to nice to me) https://imgur.com/lam7J9F (Whip king) https://imgur.com/udW8LhN (800 dry on this) https://imgur.com/9rSyJnk (Then get another same task l0l) https://imgur.com/bcleSRr (And finnally a dk ring) Iron Bank Update/ Levels https://imgur.com/KeZPAA4 (bank) https://imgur.com/1sLhl52 (levels) Thanks to all the people who have helped me out while playing and to all the new friends ive made while playing. Shouts out to my duo partner Ayy Jayy! Shouts out to my cc Syndicate!
  2. Idk whats the point in keeping them>? lmfao
  3. So as someone who donates to the well every once a while, and grinds skills when events are going on, I get really disappointed when theres a wildy event. It pretty much seems like a waste of 10m for the people who pay. As we all know the wilderness rarely has more then 2-3 people in it at a time, and the events aren't bringing any players into wildy if thats the argument. If we can replace it with maybe x1.5 tokul or 1.5x boss pet DR I think those would be better additions to the well. Let me know if you agree! https://gyazo.com/b2244398ed98b9beb228ac241cf2014e
  4. Amazing update so many things fixed! :)))
  5. I started playing this server oct 15th and thought it was time to share some rememberable in game moments. All SS are in order i took them First drop https://imgur.com/BuH1Ie4 Maxed ! https://imgur.com/eoHZXVY Fire Cape https://imgur.com/66HkCbq Kraken Treating me well https://imgur.com/HSR9P9s https://imgur.com/gdDCKBF MY First Pet! https://imgur.com/Zka6dlt I hope to check in another month from now. Thanks for playing with me bois.
  6. I think at one point for anyone who has skilled on this server has wondered why cant they buy noted supplies from shops. Sure noted esccense and water vials help but long term skilling is excruciating going back and forth to the store and to the bank. I understand that people prior who have done the runs could be angry if this gets implemented, that they had to make 100s or 1000s of bank runs, but for new players or for people still using shops i feel like it would be beneficial. LEt me know if you agree!
  7. chill


    in honor of ur pp sir
  8. chill


    Yerrrrrr, whats goodie If you have seen me in game it was probley me asking a stupid question. I played runescape a long time ago and have forgotten all my game knowledge. Even so i have played countless rsps after that but mainly for pking and bossing. This time around im gonna try to max for the first time so that means im going to have alot of questions about skills ive never even tried before, i hope you can bear with me! This private server is different then the MANY i have played prior, because the people who play it ! I used to edit cod videos If you would like to see them here you go youtube I now live my days out at college Messing about and what Im 19 Im a 150x pleb and plan to stay that way Im partially brain dead, Mostly brain dead* Im a drinking smoking machine I cant wait to see you dudes in game ppsmall

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