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  1. might as well throw in a bond promotion, tempted as f to donate for that elite now
  2. Keep up the good work jw, I know you will go far, enjoy the process don’t rush the process
  3. i support anything other than end-game armor/weapons in a shop, you make a good point about lower tier items and certain upgrades not obtainable anywhere else.
  4. i respect the attempt to reward players for skilling actions, slayer tasks, pvp kills, monster kills, voting, donating. but... all these activities yielding the same outcome "indova points", its unbalanced and its the easiest path to obtaining desired items, making it less and less valueable Indova points should be associated with donations only. bring back runique's daily event system and fill with various pvp, pvm, and skilling tasks ranging in difficulty from easy to medium to hard, that reward a certain amount of indova points daily. (example kill a player with melee, mine 100 coal ores, kill king black dragon) The current system is ridiculous, i hope its not released the way it is once the beta is done.

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