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  1. I don't see any point on adding a scroll to make it have (r) and then (i) as well, you only need 1 (i) scroll and then just add noted recoil rings to make it (ri)
  2. Very true, wanted to get some feedback on this "suggestion" and I forgot to think about this =P
  3. Currently it's 1mil gp to claim your items from Zulrah/Vorkath, idk if anywhere else but I know other places are cheaper? At least at Alchemical hydra & Shamen (if instanced). I'm suggesting to decrease the price to 250k to every place where you can claim your items back. Open to suggestions if the proposed change is not to your liking.
  4. Don't see why not, the discord doesn't announce when it dies
  5. Items needed: Hammer, Chisel, 4x Clockworks, 4x Logs what you can use & 40 hop seeds Hop seeds are: (Barley, Hammerstone, Asgarnian, Jute, Yanillian, Krandorian, Wildblood) You can get clockworks from Estate Agent in Edgeville Level requirements: How to get there & house locations: Teleports -> Skilling -> Hunter Doing your first run: Get your hop seeds, logs, clockworks, hammer & chisel Teleport to Mushroom Meadow or Verdant Valley Use your clockwork on your logs and make 4 bird houses Use your bird house on the empty space and then use your hop seeds on the bird house | Example: https://i.imgur.com/R3lsYn6.gifv Do this to rest of the Bird houses, you won't need more clockworks since you get them when you go back for another run (50 minutes) Getting Hop seeds: Since I am an iron man, I thieve mine. Here's my setup:
  6. 5 to 10k sounds reasonable, need more feedback I think
  7. I was wondering about couple things, any opinions on these; +2 cannonball per bar, +2 per donator rank. 6 cannonballs per bar 8 cannonballs per bar 10 cannonballs per bar 12 cannonballs per bar 14 cannonballs per bar 16 cannonballs per bar 18 cannonballs per bar Another way to obtain imbue scrolls, I feel like doing slayer for like at least 5 of them feels like overkill, I'd like to request to add imbue scrolls to PvM Store or somewhere else if you have ideas.

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