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  1. Nice, thnx for updates. OP
  2. Ubba - What can I say. This guy made a spirit pizza shield! Friendly/helpful Jak - #1 slayer; always helpful, and never seen him flame. Ralts - Agility god. Demonize - He's had a few mess-ups, but everyone's human. Content creator and runs his own cc. Bandit - Very active person and single-handedly makes uim looks 2ez.
  3. Great updates as usual. Keep up the awesome dedication man.
  4. Awesome can't wait to see it completed.
  5. Haha practice makes perfect. Smokin' hot character as well! Thanks for the laugh dude
  6. LOL this made me laugh harder than it should've. Great guide though.
  7. Nice, thanks for updates/bug fixes.
  8. Just something you higher-ups can fiddle around with, decide if you like any of them at all. Barrows in BM shop? (makes pking/revs more active) Noted dbones/ 2 dbones from green drags/lava drags? Either noted or two, not both! (once again makes wildy more active) Red spider eggs/ Snape grass/other secondaries in ::dskills shop(not noted) All monsters within the wilderness drop ex. amount of BM (TBD by dev) Add wildy mages for infinity boots? Add minnow fishing? Elemental rune packs to shops / ironman/hci/uim shops. Thanks for the read! P.S- Perm jail kuto
  9. Bunch of great updates this patch. Thanks! ::Xerics OP
  10. Bryan

    bone c'bow

    I agree with this. Maybe add it to rock crabs or yaks or something similar. True. 3weak5u. UiM as well.
  11. Bryan

    bone c'bow

    Just recommending/suggesting adding this to both hci, and regular iron shops. It's a decent starter weapon, not too op not too weak.

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