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  1. traded

    Stupit update

    Charges for trident are okay by me, even though it's mostly just an annoyance. Charges for tent whip makes tent whip dead content to a large portion of the playerbase imo and I don't see any reason why it should be that way other than to maintain the whip economy that was already totally fine. /full support
  2. Thing is, I'm on 150x because of drops and gameplay, I've done the skilling grind in the actual game several times over, and countless private servers but I play here for the semi realistic droptables. Don't feel the need to invest time into skilling that I could invest into grinding bosses. It's not a huge deal to me that I need to train slayer for a week or two to unlock everything because of the style of player that I am, but I just mean to a typical player who starts at quick exprate for the easymode private server feel grinding out 400m exp in a skill just to unlock a few rings is a bit silly. Edit: Also on 400 points on your exprate being similar to nmz, I don't know what your exprate is, but assuming it's probably around x10 that is a very small percentage of the playerbase that chooses to play at that level. The upgrades (Excluding the imbued slayer helmet, which is huge) are not all that impactful and a 1000 point barrier to them is a big put off to less serious players. You need a total of 6050 points currently for what I would consider the bare minimum being slayer helmet i, superiors, and imbued berserker, archer, and seers rings with crystal hally. That's a shitload of points.
  3. Does anyone else feel like the slayer rewards (namely enchantment scroll) are very overpriced for the majority of players? I'll admit, I'm 150x and the game is easymode because of it, but I need to get somewhere in the range of 35-40 million slayer exp just to unlock the slayer helm (i) not to mention any of the imbued rings. If I wanted a set of imbued rings, my helmet and a crystal halberd I would need to train well over 200m slayer exp. Seems a little silly even if you divided it down to a more balanced exp rate. I personally don't see any reason why the scroll couldn't cost closer to 400 points. If you look at the real osrs method, it's half an hour of afking in nmz.

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