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  1. Currently if you have existing time and you vote again and claim it will just bring it to the max of 60 minutes. I think you should be able to go pass the allotted time. It maybe because its capped because of the donor rank. Not sure.
  2. ooo a nezzy for f2p! Sign me up In Game name: X5 Alphie Do you want to attend: Yes
  3. construction, to clan, to custom content. Think wintertodt should already be included.
  4. Definitely excited for the future.
  5. Hello, I know there will be some ups and downs with this request, but I would love to get this implemented. This would be nice to just have. Definitely, don't mind walking back and forth but this would be nice to have for maybe donors +. I know we can get it from monsters for drops which promotes PVM, but what about them skillers?
  6. Still get to see you in the game at times, so that's good enough for me.

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