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Zeki Boi

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  1. Hey bud! Welcome to Indova, love how you've listed your hobbies/what you like to do. I skateboard myself! Hope you have a good time here.
  2. +1, I'd like the ability to craft them bc ironman. However, I also wouldn't mind them being added to the shops for normal accounts - to me it doesn't seem like it would affect anything too much.
  3. Much needed bug fixes and tweaks. Good job!
  4. Zeki Boi


    Nice new acc, have fun
  5. Sounds like a great idea, whether it gets added to OSRS or not!
  6. Feel like there's only good things to come for this CC. <3
  7. Good stuff! Love the update.
  8. Brilliant patch, glad Sire is finally here.
  9. Yeah I know haha, but thought it was better late than never.
  10. Hey guys! My name is Nathan, otherwise known as Zeki boi. I joined Indova about a month ago (roughly), but only got round to introducing myself on the forums now. Having so much fun already, met a lot of friendly, cool people and I'll be here for the foreseeable future. Without a doubt one of the best RSPS' I've played. Thank ya, see you in game.

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