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  1. In-game name: Z3WTheatre of Blood/Chambers of Xerics kill count: CoX kc is 170+ ToB kc is around 20 ishPicture of gear: https://gyazo.com/ce5829ebe5ddcbeaa239fc19190498a3What would make you an asset to Deviant Warriors?: i'm a very active play who really enjoys pvming mainly CoX although my gear may not be the best i do have a lot of experience when it comes to pvming although i am still learning stuff about ToB it shouldn't take me long to fully work out the mechanics of each boss. I know i do not have infernal cape but was told by pacmale i could join without one as he knows i know how to raid ect and am working on getting one shouldn't take me long at allCan anyone vouch your place in the clan?: i have no idea tbh.

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