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  1. Age*: 21 Name*: Dreefie Account Age:* 1 month ish Approx Wealth*: 300m ish Time Played*: 15d XP Rate & Account Type*: 10 - normal Why do you want to join NLH?: Chill, raids, mass events, glod etc. Are you in our discord? If so, what's your name?*: BasdB#9191 Photo of requirements*: https://gyazo.com/98a81630e3a64e32e701766a97dc0a6b
  2. I like this idea, especially when you can share your bank / gear with each other.
  3. dreefie

    Bank quantity

    The "Quantity" option where the player can specify the quantity of items that are being deposited.
  4. Maybe you could add which type of tool you need for specific levels for new players. And where to find the fishing spots.

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