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  1. can we nerf Peri bless? its hella op, people getting drops left and right
  2. can we make it so only xp rate 30 or 75 and under will be broadcasted in chat, or atleast remove the 150x.... its so anoying when its spamming yell. thanks :)
  3. Really nice updates, and about time for a manager. i don't see why the pest control is 35% tho, it should be 5% same as blood money event.. everyone has void at this point, so unless elite void is gonna be a thing, the event is really useless and a waste of 10mil from people. also making the elite really expensive like 1k a piece. i think the rogue is also way to rare, becouse it really bad exp and the chance of getting pked is simply just not worth it.. Anyways really great update! hope to see more content in the future<3
  4. get the option to fill slayer gem with money for teleporting to slayer location. ---- Make the option to use an item "coal" on a bank deposit, and it will bank it instantly with no chat options.(i know item use on bank notes items) ---- make the option to make blood runes, they will get used after 99 runecrafting, while astrals won't really be used. ---- add the option to make air,earth,fire,water orbs for both magic exp, crafting exp, and ofc some nice cash. ---- Add Concentrated gold and coal. ---- Add agile as a possible drop when doing gnome course(top) and barbarian course (legs) i'll add more to the list later.
  5. Hello dis is ze me i guess
  6. thanks for watching
  7. leave a like and sub!
  8. Anvil

    Barrows guide

    leave a like, and comment what i should do better and do next
  9. sorry for bad talking and me using google translate to tell you the level, im not very good at english numbers haha

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