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  1. Add it to the game somehow, I need it for my defense pure. Its best in slot. Add to store?
  2. Nah I like afking at sand crabs while I play league of lego's
  3. When we getting wintertodt? I aint fw firemaking because of it.
  4. More then generous. Thank you
  5. Increased drop rates of Draconic visages from all npcs which drop it, making it more common. Alright, whats the drop rate.........
  6. What editing tool do you guys suggest?
  7. I have no clue what these are worth so please pm any of the following: Whynotiron Whynotpure IFuckedup Or just comment on this post.
  8. So far with my ingame knowledge, there is only one way to get elite void. I think there should be a different way to get elite void instead of spending achievement points to get it. I and probably others spent our achievement points on stupid things, and now cant get elite void due to this. Maybe put a 1,000 pest control point to unlock the top and bottom? Just an idea. Or have it in pvm shop.
  9. On the wiki from Elite Western Provinces Achievement Diary you get one free life a day from Zulrah. This wouldn't affect most regular account. Mostly use for Hardcore ironman who wants to get items from Zulrah but aren't the best or maybe just lags and "die". I on 07 have lost my hardcore account due to lag. One free resurrection per day at Zulrah
  10. whynotiron

    Boss nerfs

    I don't know if its just me, But I am not able to solo Zammy. If tried tank gear and pray mage. I can't get boss to half hp before teleing out. Same with being in Mage def gear and praying range. Maybe lower the mage accuracy or melee accuracy and strength. Also, think about the minions. He himself has comboed me out to where I have to tele at the beginning of the trip. Bandos Bandos I can get 1 to 2 kills but you have to kill the mage. Why? On Runescape 07 you don't have to. Lower the Mage accuracy on the minion. Bandos and his mage minion has managed to get me to under 10 hp many times. (HC btw) I am yet to do Sara or Armadyl. But I feel Sara will be just like Zammy. Armadyl I have high hopes of being able to do it. Please nerf the damage output the bosses or minions do.

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