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  1. I mean i don't wanna bug him he looks comfy but whats he doing????
  2. Just noticed this post now, Been a busy few days with the little one. Merry Christmas Everyone!
  3. I know this isn't content from osrs and it would be considered custom, But couldnt you make it so if we use a knife on bones we could either fletch bone bolts or even bone stocks to make a bone cbow. Or you could leave it so we have to grind skeles for the bow. Also you could make it so that some times the bones break or shatter because there to brittle to fletch. Also better bones could be more bolts like logs and arrow shafts Pros, -Low rate irons can use this to utilize the bone cbow at lower levels. -Drop rates at skeles can take a while to get a decent stock of bone bolts -It makes sense to carve the bolts Cons, ?, i cant think of any right now but open to criticism Just a thought.

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