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  1. Can we increase the death value to the Salve amulet(ei)? On osrs they're 220k. I understand that on this server item protection uses alch values. Increasing the alch value to 220k, wouldn't hurt because I'm pretty sure no one would alch the amulet for money because that'll be a waste of slayer points.
  2. One of the PvP achievement says "Charge glory amy"
  3. You realize the drop rates got slashed by half...?
  4. Good tips, I'll keep this in mind when the client decides to reset my RL settings for the 100th time. It reset them 5 times last week...
  5. I'm still waiting for max imbued god capes to be wearable.
  6. Still waiting on imbued max god capes to be wearable...
  7. The whole shop needs a rework. Bludgeon has dropped drastically and is ridisculously price at 750k. Super set that costs 500 bm costs about 3k in dzone. Add items like enchanted scroll, infinity boots, mage's book, dragon darts, dragon throw axes, dragon bolts, torso, and d boots to promote pking.
  8. Would have been useful before I used my xp rate change I chose an xp rate higher than I'd like tbh.
  9. For skilling tasks, if you have a full inventory(usually always when you do something like cooking, completing the task will drop coins on the ground. Can you add the coins to the bank just like when you finish a slayer task and have a full inventory?
  10. Literally 8-10 play TOB every couple of days, not worth adding another thing that will be used scarcely. Also, voting for Raids will make you lose Rigour and Augury.

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