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  1. Congratulations to both!
  2. Solid patch! Love the Discord Bot that notifies on in-game events!
  3. My vote goes to Bacon, can't do anything else but admire his dedication.
  4. First off all i agree with bandit, the player descripties could be balanced out better. Second of all i think there were also a few other players that deserved a nomination for this title.
  5. In-game name: LarsTheatre of Blood/Chambers of Xerics kill count: 13/112 Picture of gear: What would make you an asset to Deviant Warriors?: Im a active player, now im maxed in skills im looking to do mostly CoX/ToB when im online. Can anyone vouch your place in the clan?: @Exortic
  6. Support for adding the timer and introducing a 1 click item that allows you to teleport to donator zone. No support for putting vorkath head on other items. I've suggested that bank issue before with charged items its impossible to keep ur bank looking clean. And yes price checker would be cool.
  7. Lars

    Leeching Slayer xp

    So for training my slayer im looking for duoing/leeching some Slayer. Amount i pay for which boss: 75k-150k per leeched kill (me training fletching outside the flames or smt) 50k per duo kill (we kill cerb together) Kraken: 25k-50k per leeched kill. ---- for duoing you get all the loot including any kraken tents/tridents/any other drop you like. Giant mole: 10k-25k per leeched kill. ---- all loot is yours including noted skins/claws which are consistend 80k coins per kill Send me a pm in game: Lars
  8. Yea id like to see any update that pulls herblore out of the position it is right now. atm you spend training herblore 75% of the time running from shops to bank and 25% making potions. herblore is about making potions not running from bank to store and forth unpleasant way to train any skill. same for gems in my opinion.
  9. Lars


    Im always big supporter of more content to indova but i don't enjoy blackjacking myself and pickpocketing is already fast. i think i did 1- 200m thieving x5 rate in less than 20 hours remember getting rates like 6.5M xp per hour x15 (433K x1) with doing highest thievingt stall then ::empty if you dont care about cash just xp. dont think even blackjacking in osrs tops those rates of custom private server stalls. Edit 1: yea blackjacking tops at 180k-210k xp per hour x1. also its waay waaaay more click intensive than stalls + less than half the xp per hour.
  10. Big yes to last man standing. One of my favourite things in OSRS very sadly almost never got the attention it deserved and was after release left for that what it was and never tried to improve. I feel when done right on indova this could be a very popular activity that would bring more traffic.
  11. Lars

    death runes uim

    I support the idea that UIM can buy runes up and til death runes but that blood and soul runes stay locked behind their respective altars.
  12. Lars

    Donator Perks

    No support for the drop rate, donating for better drop rates = worst player experience ever. you would feel obligated to donate to that tier otherwise you wouldn't get full potential out of the game. Current donator perks already do that (chins & marks of grace) I dont see any reason to expand that to the drop table. I do support the idea of revamping the donator zones both the skilling zone which is just good for one thing atm: anglerfishing spot, and cheap molten glass + some noted clean herbs. And the dungeons or add new ones for higher tier donators. and i think mod shadow is raising some good points but no support for these as i feel they affect the core gameplay.: Longer potion duration - 5% per donator tier (I.e. A 6 minute potion would instead last 18 seconds longer for an Indovian, and 126 seconds longer for a Supreme Indovian) Faster crop growth time for Farming (5% per donator tier) When crafting gems while you are standing in the General Store in Edgeville, the cut gems will be automatically noted (Extreme Indovians+) Some suggestions i have for increasing donating. Currently donating isn't viable. A blowpipe in indova cost 100M, a blowpipe in OSRS cost 4.9M If you were to buy Bonds on indova and sell for 10$=50M you would have to buy 2 x 10$ bond to afford a blowpipe. In osrs you would buy a 5$ for that and you could sell that for a blowpipe. 5$ osrs gets you same item in the real game vs 20$ for that item here. This is also in my opinion a core problem with the player experience for any NEW player. And thats when your selling bonds then with that your donator status on indova doesn't even increase. But we would keep adding perks to that? so then newer players would feel a huge preasure to donate to a certain rank to get the most out of their gaming experience on top of having it super difficult to make any decent gear. We should stop trading bonds for 1$/5M. A better way would be if you would make a real P2W structure thats REASONABLE for newer player to compete. Where you sell in game items not only bonds. DWH 25$ and stuff (NOT 90$ babarian assault cosmetics.). it would deal with this hugely inflated market, yes it would ''spawn'' items in the game. not all items in the game would have been earned by players anymore but by straight MTX but that would still be a more enjoyable player experience than donating for increased drop rate, faster patchs and that kind of things.
  13. Idea for New achievement store reward: Noted Loot Scroll. after purchasing and using the scroll you will get the toggable option to receive noted drops automatically in the inventory. The toggel option will be found at Lesser Fanatic ''perks'' Option. Requirements for obtaining the scroll: 50/150 achievements completed, scroll costs 25k-50k achievement points. Not tradeable.

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