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  1. Thanks Gutta for stealing all my tob drops, love ya baby
  2. I'm down for the 12hrs but I'm not exactly sure how the reset works everyday, 24hrs since first use or last use? is it set on a daily clock like 8pm everyday? I'd keep it 24hrs if we had a daily reset at at set time, otherwise 12hrs is good too! really useful for rc
  3. rs3 vine whip = osrs tent whip btw
  4. This kid is always so lucky.... first the rangers now sigils SMH
  5. For combat ring, tele to shamans (Boss teleport) For mess hall, you can use the Kourend teleport in the normal spellbook wich brings you pretty much next to it. But I don't see why we shouldn't add this feature
  6. Goodluck with this series !
  7. That's a nice rune warhammer

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