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  1. Would support, but for way more than 100 points
  2. Good luck achieving your goals !
  3. That's the way it is currently, if I'm correct its X / 15 where x is number of sites voted on
  4. There is a warning before you change your xp rate though...
  5. Sucks I can't even do signatures ... PS I need one for forums if someone is interested
  6. I don't see why this couldn't be a thing, yet im used to using the 'teleport button' myself and would find it weird having it changed
  7. Not a big fan of this, crushed nest are really useful for herblore, and you can't have every drop as useful one. I'd support this, it is indeed harsh how long it can be for you to get a dscim on an ironman Can't think of any examples of useless monsters... No support according ironman means they should acquire their stuff by themself, and there is some pretty good stuff in the current mboxes (I.E Zenyte shards)
  8. Gratz Peri, and thanks for believing and trusting me !
  9. Pet perks, 200m capes and stuff
  10. No support from me, makes it way too far from the osrs feeling.
  11. I support this, would be nice 100% New players always complain about lack of food / potions in the early game Why not, we can buy filled pots on rs i don't know why we couldn't here

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