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  1. That's a nice rune warhammer
  2. So I just achieved 200m construction on x10 xp rate! Hopefully more to come !
  3. Looting bag can be opened up as a 'bank' for UIM while in wilderness I'm pretty sure
  4. Thing is with farming guild., we don't even have all saplings working for farming currently, so there is no point adding it before adding the rest in my opinion
  5. Wow toxic @Bandit
  6. Mat PvMs

    PC Event

    You do realise that all combat skills have an event aswell?
  7. If players have to apply on forums to join your clan, just adjust this thing and make it a rank required to join the clan. https://gyazo.com/09b4e95c79f1179f35427e3c4876eed6
  8. Mat PvMs

    PC Event

    Events are all rng based, PC event is the event wich has the higher chance to get rolled I'm pretty sure.
  9. Cutting teaks at hardwood grove is faster than cutting mahogany at hardwoodg grove (construction xp per hour wise)
  10. I'll just let you know that you can open the mini map and see the map of the catacombs ingame.

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