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  1. Pet perks, 200m capes and stuff
  2. No support from me, makes it way too far from the osrs feeling.
  3. I support this, would be nice 100% New players always complain about lack of food / potions in the early game Why not, we can buy filled pots on rs i don't know why we couldn't here
  4. I'd want construction expansion first, would help out with all the UIM playing the game, and would help me get rid of some clue items taking a lot of space in my bank.
  5. I support the food and potions ! lots of new players are complaining about having no access to food and potions early
  6. Def more lucky than me.... oh wait nice rangers
  7. Mat PvMs

    Soul bearer

    Support on this!
  8. This would be so overpowered
  9. For low xp rates, 50k is pretty huge
  10. You can get crystal seed from zulrah, weapons from slayer pts / crystal keys That's what skilling crates are for, I dont think we need to add another crate I'd support this. Why not , not a lot of players are doing clues right now. I don't see the point of this, PC Event already occurs a lot. No support on this, they should stay in raids. I guess, but at the same time there already is BM event / Wilderness key event Since you can buy votes, I dont want this to become a p2w (xp wise) but might be able to work something out Thanks.
  11. I like this, might get into it whenever I have more time to play!

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