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  1. I'm going to miss you, lighthouse staircase bug. You little bitch. Tbh moving forward I will probably still take those extra steps to reposition my character before climbing up 😂 Nonetheles great fixes Tom, nice work!
  2. I don't believe there are enough gwd/raids items coming into the game that warrants an item dump (right now) so adding in another rng element like this sounds like hell. There's tons of replay value already existing in the game without having to do the same gear grind 2x,3x,4x? However long it would take for an item to successfully upgrade. This system wouldnt feel like other end game content either like clue hunting exp goals pet hunts, stuff at your leisure. It would feel like we're forced to do it since our BiS would be incomplete. I am in favor of item dumping via other means not so impactful, some kind of QoL increase at best like gwd items in exchange for instanced ecumenical keys or X amount of free entries yadda yadda, pvm points, cosmetic skin recolors or titles etc. Edit: I really like the key/free entry idea as grinding 40kc isnt the traditional gwd experience anymore, and the only way to obtain ecumenical keys right now is a slow monotonous grind of barraging monkeys or whatever for a couple hours for pvm points
  3. EDIT : CAN'T DELETE BUT ITS TRUE THE NUGGET DROP RATE IS HIGHER THAN OSRS If you purchased the prospector set and/or the coal bag from the skilling shop before the mlm update consider yourself lucky! I think the numbers should be tweaked to align with the 'indova' experience. I understand keeping everything inline with traditional osrs but if you look at the numbers you'll probably see where im coming from. The prospector set costs 190 nuggets, the coal bag is also 100. Mostly thats what people want and are gonna grind for. At 2.74% drop chance of a pay-dirt proccing into a gold nugget, its about 3.6k dirt to 100 nuggets, just over 10k dirt to buy the set and coal bag. Including the exp/dirt from processing, accounts as low as 10x EXP rates will have hit if not be within a couple levels of 99 mining by the time we can purchase these rewards. (2.74% = (36 pay-dirt/ 1 nugget) x 290 = (10440 pay-dirt/ 290 nuggets) 15x rates we have 10.4k dirt at 900 xp each = 9.6m exp, plus the (10440/28) 372 processing trips minimum 6k exp for another 2-4m exp. Doubling the EXP rates of the common x30 would mean needing 26-30M exp before being able to purchase the prospectors set and coal bag. Forget about any other rewards lol. I don't know if it was considered before, but it does feel too heavy a grind compared to everything else. A blanket increase, or reduced reward cost or, its complicated, but even the rate multiplied by the players EXP rates. I think any of those would be fair solutions

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