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  1. I voted for PvP features. Regardless of which option receives the most votes, I would authentically like to optically discern them all implemented in the future.
  2. Yet another good edition, I genuinely enjoy reading these and catching up with things that I have missed. Well done, Indova News Team!
  3. It's great to visually perceive growth with clans here on Indova. Good luck, @diverse, I wish you nothing but the best!
  4. What do you find tricky - the content suggestion in general, or the loyalty store?
  5. Any readers here? For those who relish to read, do you prefer series or standalone? I don't mind a series, because when I culminate reading a book, sometimes it's good to be left in suspense wanting to read more into the story with the next release, especially if there's an abundance of intriguing story to tell. If it's something that seems like it can and should be wrapped up in one book, then I'd prefer a standalone.
  6. Halsey

    Loyalty System

    I would relish to visually perceive a loyalty system introduced in Indova. Players will gain loyalty points for their activity - both in-game and here on the forum, which they can then spend for cosmetic items. These cosmetic items can be ones which are obtainable through content such as mini-games and quests, but min-games and quests that will most likely never be in Indova, such as Castle Wars and its decorative armours. Players can gain a certain amount of loyalty points every time they reach an hour gameplay time, and they can withal gain a certain amount of points for each post they make (the lounge category being an exception). Of course, your loyalty points gained from posting won't be integrated onto your account until you've logged in/re-logged. Rough ideas for the loyalty store (NPC/owner of the store can be Sir Loyle T): Decorative armours Villager clothing Chompy bird hats Fishbowl helmet and Diving apparatus Bearhead Ice gloves Bow-sword Blurite sword Bomber cap and jacket Builder's outfit Grain Pet kittens/cats I personally just feel it would be a nice, and withal a frolicsome way to reward players for their activity and sticking around Indova. Please vote in the poll and leave your input down below, thank-you.
  7. Congratulations on obtaining the scythe of vitur, @Ironman Suck! Looking forward to optically discerning more drops from your clan, best of luck, guys!
  8. Best of luck with your peregrination, @Four! I'm profoundly intrigued with following it with you, hopefully I am able to catch your livestreams often.
  9. Well you may want to edit the month to prevent further confusion. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to taking part in the event. Thank-you for hosting, @Justin!
  10. Halsey


    I'm all for incipient content to be implemented in Indova, and I always like to optically discern training methods being expanded for skills. This would spice things up a little for the Theiving skill, as it gets quite dull always thieving from stalls.
  11. I do enjoy these loot from ### 'monster' and loot from ### hours killing 'monster' videos, it's what made A Friend my favourite RuneScape YouTuber at one point. I'm hoping to see more of these type of videos from you, @Syndicate! Congratulations to the winner of the giveaway. Subscribed, by the way.
  12. You've certainly been busy with recruiting! A very large clan indeed. Do you host clan events often, @Syndicate?
  13. A very vigorous and organised clan, with a great leader.

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