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  1. Thankyou Lean, Hope to see you around
  2. Lovely small updates which benefit us so much, Thankyou
  3. Considering you can trade this would be suit the game mode. I support this idea
  4. Thankyou, 94 magic is the best haha Thankyou Shadow
  5. Been in the clan for a few days now, Helped a lot and great group of people. Definitely join if you're just looking for somewhere to chat or even for a few tips as most people in the clan are experienced. ~One Defence
  6. Hi all of IndovaPS. I have recently joined this server as some of you may already know I've gone for the challenge to max a iron man with 1 defence. Some of you already have greeted me and helped me a lot so far so I appreciate it but for anyone who I haven't yet had the pleasure to meet, Hello to you all My Account so far;
  7. Great quest guide, Clear steps for each part of the quest. Helped A lot ~One Defence
  8. Congratulations Skillen! ~One Defence
  9. Oh damn! That's crazy! ~One Defence

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