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  1. been a hot minute since ive seen you, gz on admin dude

  2. whole lotta changes, lets see how much the eco gets affected might need a reset
  3. Aint no body got time for that Not everyone is a jenious wing... not everyone Edit: spelled that word wrong ironically
  4. Getting hacked on your staking account is always fun tho right? Just sayin.. wouldnt be the craziest thing to happen
  5. yea if your level 126.... not gonna duel a 126 as a level 3 and get combat xp
  6. Selling loads of skilling supplies.. bars, ore, coal, planks, logs and more... if you have any need for these items just leave a reply for what your after and ill send you a pm as soon as i can
  7. Gotta say i agree, i havent had any interaction with any of these players this month that could be considdered "helpful" ... not to say that staff arnt helpful but they sorta kinda have to be so i dont really wanna vote for them or syn who is apparently cheating
  8. SPOOKTOBER SPOOKY BOI (wish i could do more but helm isnt in the game and neither are the other 2 pieces i wanted for it (but if they were ide used them))
  9. Wep is the only one on this list i know so i guess him? Even tho i have never seen him ingame or had any interaction... just know him because i go to highscores a lot
  10. is this still open to more? cuz uhh man i look good in this new cape
  11. i got 3 different skilling based pets in 6 days this was the 10th this was the 13th and this was early this morning the 16th
  12. Technically my first "pets" were rocky.. i got one and then there was an update that auto ensured pets and i got a second almost immediately after and i never received it (since the first one became insured without my permission) and tom basically scammed me a second pet and as u can see i got the "obtain a pet achievement" so my rocky is so old there werent achievements for it back then

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