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  1. It's not that it isn't attractive enough, DMZ was such a good idea, but i guess a points system could be added. Could be nothing too big, like just something you can buy supplies with, could even have some dmz exclusive supplies like overloads or something, something like there is on Nightmare Zone on OSRS. What do you guys think? Opinions and criticism is very welcome and if you like it and have something to add, GO AHEAD!
  2. Age: 22 Name: snorix Account Age: a few months (not fully sure) Approx Wealth: 100m+ (iron) Time Played: 13 days XP Rate: 15 Why do you want to join NLH?: Glod and raids mostly Photo of requirements: http://prntscr.com/mz8cu0
  3. snorix

    Glod Suggestion

    Well yea, i've seen the skulling suggestion, do you think that will work and no make it dead at all? Imagine a team that camps it and its ready to pk whoever goes there, since the most of us is playing an ironman do you think will even bother going there? I don't like that idea at all, but it's just my opinion
  4. snorix

    Glod Suggestion

    First of all, i think that 30 min cooldown on it, its just way too short for how good the boss actually is. Already heard its going up to 2hr so thats good. Though, some people might disagree with me, i think, with the timing going up, we should think and come up with a different idea for the drops on Glod. I've done it a couple of times and on all of those i got loot, but some people didnt. No, i'm not saying everyone should get loot, but competing for top 3 is kinda hard when you are competing against wildy weps, for example, or you are an ironman and are affraid to lose some stuff (yea, yea, i know dont take to wild what you aren't willing to lose). Another thing is, for now, there isnt much people going for it, at times, but if lets imagine, 10 people go there, what will it happen? will people pk to get top 3? Maybe that was the idea behind the boss, but since most of the community is ironman i dont see that happening at least for now. Probably people will just turn around and go away since there are already several guys there with wildy weps wrecking the boss and you have no chance even if you get there 30 secs before them. So with this i think we should come up with a different solution to this. I've thought about it for a bit and i came up with an idea: What about making it somewhat % damage or just making it so that you need to do a certain amount of damage to the boss to be elegible to drops, dont know how much, but thats what this post is for, to discuss. And maybe make the boss' health scale with the amount of people attacking it, if possible? so that way lower gear people still had a chance on loot? I mean this is just thoughts i had while doing it, post your opinions and point out the things you might dislike and like and if i missed something

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