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  1. https://gyazo.com/a3fc09cee7e55cb61eef9dd1985ab8d0
  2. Gratz to you all. Keep up the good work !! <3
  3. chillix

    Agility Guide

    Super nice guide Ralts - keep up the good work !!! <3
  4. A timer in Indova panel for timed slayer tasks would be usefull.
  5. As it is now possible to obtain tree/fruit tree seeds I think we need the patches to function too... Wood tree patches: Lumbridge (behind castle) gate already open Falador Park Varrock Castle Gnome Stronghold Taverly (need a teleport here too - coordinates: 2933, 3435) Fruit tree patches: Catherby Brimhaven (need a teleport here too - coordinates: 2766, 3215) Tree Gnome Village (need a teleport here too - coordinates: 2488, 3176) Gnome Stronghold plz add a tool leprechaun at each spot too.
  6. Add Wyson the gardener in Falador Park - to exchange mole skins/claws for birds nests

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