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  1. It should be increased line a curve chart. But I think it's done to stop ppl form farming easily
  2. Has been discussed before, and it's on the to-do list. Not the biggest prio as far as I know. If I'm not mistaken, our biggest concern was that people would complain if the collection log was added, they had to grind bosses again. And yes it has been suggested multiple times Still support, I would love it. Gives a huge satisfying feeling if you complete it.
  3. Was a great time you have to around! Goodluck in the future!
  4. Personally I would love it. It helps whenever there is need in the Help CC, but there's no one to answer. This will greatly benefit the Help CC. Support!
  5. I thought there were more, support from me. Having tasks for each skill makes it a bit more bearable (in some cases)
  6. Nice thread, however there are multiple items that are not really close to the current street value. When I have a bit more time I'll give some feedback on some items. Try to keep it updated EDIT: The way I see some of these items: Karil set isn't 40M, more like 20-30M Top is like 10M, same goes for bottom Crossbow is between 5-7.5m Archers ring wasn't too long ago same price as Bring, could be 20m now. AGS is around 15-20m Bgs is about the same price as AGS ZGS is like 5-10 (Used mainly for clue scrolls) I believe tassets are like 80-85 I believe ACB is 200-225, depending on seller If im not mistaken, inf boots are 30m and crystal 15m Maledic is same as odium around 15m(5m a piece) Since konars keys were introduced, cannonballs dropped from 3k ea to 1-2k ea DWH is between 200 and 250 I thought (could be mistaken) that serp helm was 10-15 DFS is for sure atleast 150 to 180 dchain is like 5m Avernic is 400m Arcane scroll is more like 20-25 Chainmace and bow are the same price 50-60m ish dragon axe is max 1m iron bar is max 1k ea if cannonballs are 1-2k ea, a steel bar should be 4 times the value. But i can imagine it being 500-1k Runite ore is like 15k You're missing hydra bones, like 30k-40k (but barely sold) You're missing stamina potions, but i dont know the price There are different prices for blessed d'hide boots Sara - 20m Guthix - 10-15 Zamorak - 20m Arma - 25m Bandos - 10-15 Ancient - 10-15 Third-Age armour pieces are much more then those prices, they are barely sold and don't have a price. Waps and tools seem fine I assume inverted santa is 400 or so aswell (just a guess) Imo name change should be around the (1000) bond. its sorta same points in store. Sara tear should be added with 15M price Some of the God blessings are worth a bit more because you're able to use them at GWD as they count as an item EDIT 2: Alot of the Clue Items are roughly 1-2m with some going up to 5m. Let me know if I'm completely wrong with some of my knowledge, my knowlegde is limited at some point @YN Slash
  7. I'm not the biggest PKer in the game, but these are my thoughts: 1. Add Charged Glory's to the Shops. You can charge Glory's at the Fountain of Rune (reachable with wilderness sword 4) or the fountain at ::dz (Donator+ only), these will give you a (6). You can charge Glory's at the Fountain of Heroes in the Heroes Guild dungeon, this will result in a (4) glory. 2. Add Rune pieces to the shops, so you don't have to buy bulk boxes. I see your point, however how much of a big difference is it to buy the boxes? (just being curious) 3. Add black mystic set & White mystic boots to the shop It's nothing different from the Blue Mystic set. Just cosmetic. 4. Make it so you can buy X amount of items in shops noted. Support, however there should be a limit on the X amount. 5. Add Super sets, Ranging, Super restore, prayer & Saradomin brew pots to the store. At this point of time, I'm full on support. These items are getting quite easy ingame through Clue Scrolls. + Prayer pots are in the general store. 6. Add A Pkers Xp Rate for combat skills, Pkers & Clans do NOT want to grind combat stats. You mean like being a Ironman, but then for Pkers? In my opinion not really needed. An x150 exp rate should get you there at the right levels just in a few moments. 7. Add damaged books to the shops. They are at the PvM store. We could add them to other store(s), any suggestions? 8. Add Sharks to the shops. To be fair, monks are fine for now. Since sharks are fairly a good money making (500-1k ea) 9. Add Black Chins, North rev cave entrance, Wilderness agility, Wilderness Resource to the wilderness Teleports. Black Chins are reachable by teleporting via Skilling->Hunter->Wilderness Hills Revenant caves are just up north from there. (however I wouldn't mind seeing the Burning amulet being implemented) Wilderness Agility is reachable by teleporting via Agility -> Wilderness Course Resource Area is reachable by using the Wilderness sword 3/4 10. Add Dragon defender, Torso, Firecape & Void To the bloodmoney shop. I wouldn't mind seeing Dragon Defender and Torso being added. However I'm against Firecape and Void, since they could be a big PvM changer. 11. Make the barrows gloves quest the last part only with a direct teleport, new players will be put of by the current method. I don't realy know what you mean. 12. Add a Npc drop table to the quest tab, currently I myself have no clue what the drop tables are for alot of npcs. Try checking our website indovaps.com/npcdrops or use the commands ::drops 13. Give battlemages a good Drop table, will attract Pkers & Pvmers as magebank is A Pking hotspot, alot of risk = alot of reward. They were just added not a long time ago with their drop table. These items are good and worth risking for. But if you have any other suggestions, please let us know. 14. Make Giant Bats, axes and pirates drop crystel keys often, will promote more deep wild activity. I don't see why not. 15. Add Npcs below magebank stairs with a good drop table, will promote more deep wilderness activity. Which NPCs? You mean those in the Deep Wilderness Dungeon? 16. Add a couple other bosses that spawn in random places in the deep wild for good loot, meaning there is nearly constant bossing action with teams fighting to get the loot. Any suggestions for bosses? + atm there are not many teams to compete with, plus Glod is a very good method to do so. 17. Host daily wilderness events like HP event, a staff member has 50k health and players battle it out to try get the kill at greater demons. You mean Glod? 18. Make wilderness Npcs and players drop Keys that open a chest for a nice reward. We could add wilderness Keys to some NPC's, deppending on their difficulty or level should a key be dropped. 19. Host hourly safe zone automatic events like Hybrid, NH, Dh, Max melee & Pure Nh. Alot of servers do this with the top 3 winners getting osrs GP and in-game items/money. I think at the current state with eco it's not the best to implement right now. Maybe later down the line. 20. Rework the bloodmoney shop, add more PK items to it. The prices of current items is far too high, would take like 100 kills to get a mages book. Usually you get bloodmoney from killing npcs in the wilderness or killing revenants for the emblems. Besides that those BM prices are the way they are is because of the value they represent in gp. 1BM:300gp which makes infinity boots roughly 45m, which is maybe a little bit high, but fairly reasonable. Some items like dragon boots could be lowered (probably not in the current state of the eco). to match street prices, however once you do there will enter alot more dragon boots, which will crash them even more right now. 21. Buff the revenants drop table, It should be an OP money making method and Pking hotspot. It's the same droptable OSRS, with the working skull mechanic. 22. Remove the grand exchange and replace it with a trading post, this will let others know who is selling what and who is buying what, current;y the Ge is terrible for the game. So far we haven't heard any complaints about the GE system in it's current state. 23. Make untradables break apon death in wild and able to repair them for a fee, good cash sink and good for pkers as they dont want to die then have to go get everything back, it's bad enough on runescape. Support to keep untradeable on death if you're below level 30 wilderness (this means the origional wilderness line of lvl 20 should be extended to 30). You already have to pay a fee to repair items. I think you're items are sent to Perdu at home if don't pick up your items below level 20. I hope I made myself understandable with my answers. If not feel free to ask for more details.
  8. I hope I can participate, however most people don't play RS or just not a PS. We shall see
  9. Well done! It's a very big and nice update! Keep 'm coming.
  10. CoX already has an increase for 1-5 XP rate. If the same thing happens to donator status. I would suggest Elite donator+. I should be the same a drop rate boost, but starting from 2% on Elite until 12 on Supreme

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