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  1. Firemaking isn't the hardest skill to do. Wintertodt has been suggested mulitple times, and probably won't come anytime soon. Last time I said it would be unnecessary developer time because it probably will be used barely, besides the 2 or 3 players . Maybe it's something that could come after the rebrand.
  2. wingdragon

    Public chat

    Does it still work if your public is off but he's added to your friendslist? If so, you could add staff to your friends list. But either way, support. However, not every staff message is usefull when they have a conversation with someone else.
  3. Finally! Thanks for the update!
  4. Could've been better on the Dark Mystic, however. Not too shabby!
  5. We've discussed where and if they fit into Indova (and if they even are possible, since OSRS stopped DMM). The main issue for now, as far as I know, is they are extremely OP in PvM and fairly OP in PvP. We need to take a look at what is the best way is to implement them (once the the client has been upgraded). And check if they need a balance change, if so. What sort of balance. Don't worry, it's not off the table. We keep your views in mind.
  6. Agreed with Hai Ke, it could completely stop people from going to revs. Yes, it will bring people to hunt BM. BM is fairly easier to get in huge quanity then Ether. If we ever going to add Ether to BM store. I wouldn't be near 1:1 ratio. Probably something more suitable like 1:50 or 1:100? That's just how I see things.
  7. See previouse answer. As Deluxe stated, we need a client upgrade for that. And as you've seen in a recent post. There are some technically issues regarding upgrading the client.
  8. Nice explanation! Hope everything goes according to plan.
  9. damn! Congratz a massive achievement! Can't wait to see your ely sigil
  10. I will participate´╗┐ on Wingdragon nice date the 14th of august
  11. Not yet possbile untill the we are updated with the latest osrs cache (or something). If I'm correct this won't happen. We're in consideration of buffing the Anger spear passive a bit (no promises). Because it will make the zammy spear useless. Blast furnace and Wintertodt will be used barely which will take unnecessary developer time. Collection log, yet again, has been suggested multiple times and is a very known suggestion.
  12. I wouldn't mind see an option to extend tasks like: Dagga's, hydra's, cave horror, hellhounds How ever, I don't like to add dragons to Duradel.

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