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  1. I managed a successful solo yesterday! With 0 deaths, so I'm improving. but would be amazing. It's weird I had 96%. without dying
  2. Congratz on the pet! Rip on the harpoon! Nice raids. MAybe you could give me some guud tips for solo's
  3. You can teleport to soul altar with fremmy boost 4. But I haven't started RC myself. But I can see myself struggle with the walking part. Support!
  4. nice and small additions! Keep up with the work
  5. Congratzzzz! Nice untrimmed construct! U should keep it
  6. Damn! 1/5k for Rangers, insane! Congratz!! Enjoy your setup!
  7. I know what you mean Steve, however. Take me as an example; I've done over 60 tries of Inferno on Indova. I tried flicking Prayer, kept on dying to triple Jad. But eventually, I managed to get my Infernal Cape. People kept believing in me I would manage to get it, however, I stopped believing. My tip to you is, keep on trying. I almost can assure you, there will be no Inferno equal to OSRS. OSRS is in anyway a little bit harder then Indova. Best of luck! It could be an interesting idea to add full inferno as an option for people who wants to practice. + It will give more slayer exp/cash.
  8. What's the point of removing them? Some people will start to PK when there is a Wilderness Key event. Heheh nice wordplay Maybe it's an idea to make the 1.5/2x BM also counts for the Totems? Since they dont? Could be something, to have PK'ers active in wilderness then?
  9. Nice guide! I was unsure where to put cannon. Now I know. Thanks. However, you're the one that glitched the North-Eastern Sire.... Because of the double tentacles, youre not able to hit the system. Overall, quick and good guide 8/10 for me You have some nice tricks and tips
  10. I know exactly where you got this idea from. But in my opinion, you should be able to imbue helm/rings etc. in another way then just spending 1K slayer points you grind 34 task for. To lose it at death (lovely). This could work with this idea in mind. However, giving bandos an upgrade is just straight up no. If you want stuff like these, I can recommend a custom server which has all these things. I don't mind trying to get a droprate bonus on succesfull upgrade. With like a 1-5% chance of succeeding? (1-10% increase (random)) Only one piece with a bonus will work. Highest will always be selected.
  11. I was thinking for quite some time to make a drop list of everything I want. Items/pets etc. I'll update these once I get the drop. For some, I don't have a drop log, for some I do. If I do, I'll attach it. Inventory with most of the drops. I lost some, sold some. Combined some. Giant Mole | Pet Kalphite Queen | Pet, D chain, Kalphite Head DKS | Warrior Ring x3, Seers Ring x2, Archers Ring, Seercull, Dragon Axe, Prime Pet, Rex Pet, Supreme Pet Zilyana | Saradomin Hilt, Pet, Saradomin Light, Armadyl Crossbow, Saradomin Sword K'ril | Zamorak Hilt, Pet, Staff of the Death (PvP Chest), Zamorakian Spear, Steam Battlestaff, (Zamorakian Hasta); Graardor | Pet, Bandos Chest Plate, Bandos Tassets, Bandos Boots, Bandos Hilt Kree'arra| Pet, Armadyl Hilt, Armadyl Helmet, Armadyl Chainskirt, Armadyl Chestplate; Chambers of Xerics | Dexterous prayer scroll, Arcane prayer scroll x2, Dragon Sword, Dragon Harpoon, Twisted Buckler, Dragon Hunter Crossbow, Dinh's Bulwark, Ancestral Hat, Ancestral robe top, Ancestral robe bottoms, Dragon Claws, Elder Maul, Kodai Insignia, Twisted Bow, Pet, Metamorphic dust; Theatre of Blood | Avernic Defender hilt, Ghrazi Rapier, Sanguinesti Staff, Scythe of Vitur, Justiciar Faceguard, Justiciar Chestguard, Justiciar Legguard, Pet; Chaos Elemental/Fanatic | Pet KBD | KBD Heads, Pet, Dragonic Visage Callisto | Pet, Tyrannical Rings Vet’ion | Pet, Ring of the Gods Venenatis | Pet, Treasonous Ring Scorpia | Pet Skotizo | Skotos, Dark Claw Corp | Arcane Sigil, Elysian Sigil, Spectral Sigil, Pet Grotesque Guardians | Pet, Granite Gloves, Granite Ring, Granite Hammer, Jar of Stone, Black Tourmaline Core; Kraken | Pet, Jar of Dirt, Tentacle, Trident Cerberus | Jar of Soul, Pet, Prim, Peg, Eternal, Smouldering x2 Thermonuclear smoke devil | Pet, Occult Vorkath | Pet, Jar of Decay, Dragonbone Necklace, Draconic Visage, Skeletal Visage, Vorkath’s Head x8 Zulrah | Tanzanite Fang, Magic Fang, Serpentine Visage, Uncut Onyx x2, Pet, Jar of Swamp, Tanzanite Mutagen, Magma Mutagen Lizardman Shaman | Dragon War hammer Skeletal Wyvern | Wyvern Visage, Granite Boots Abyssal Demon | Abyssal Whip, Abyssal Dagger, Abyssal head Zuk | Zuk Pet Jad | Jad Pet Mithril Dragon | Dragon Full helm Adamant/Rune dragon | Dragon Plate body, Dragon Crossbow, Dragon Kiteshield Demonic Gorilla | Necklace of Anguish, Amulet of Torture, Tormented Bracelet, Zenyte Slayer | Imbued Heart, Eternal Slayer Gem (sold) Third-age Melee | Helm, Body, Leggings, Kiteshield, Sword; Third-age Range | Coif, Top, Legs, Vambraces, Bow Third-age Magic | Hat, Top, Bottom, Amulet, Wand Third-age Axe, Pickaxe, Cloak Skilling Pets: Heron Beaver Chinchompa Giant Squirrel Rift Guardian Rock Golem Rocky Tangleroot Bloodhound Hellcat Herbi Phoenix Pet Penance Queen
  12. CONGRATZZ BACON! finally 1st "legit" rangers?

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