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  1. Maybe you haven't seen one of my other responses on posts, I don't think the osrs source client (or something) has not been released, last time I checked. This could be changed, but once we have the client. I support if we have the client in possession.
  2. Just wondering what will happen to the people that purchased the Champion's cape? I think it has been discussed before and came to the conclusion that it would be sort of a "dick move" because they can't get those 100k Achievement Points back. But after a night sleep, I agree with you on rares in the vote shop. But like in my opinion. Keep the 3a armor pieces in clues, but I don't mind seeing the tools/waps (wand/bow/longsword) in vote store. Since they were once in the mystery boxes, their value is not extremely high. + they can be used for skilling etc.
  3. I wouldn't mind adding some more items to vote store (I don't know which). First of all, we don't have the latest client of OSRS (yet?). Besides, I think we should leave those clue items to clues. and the rarer ones (new ornament kits/3a items) to mimic if it gets implemented. I don't mind seeing the Item of the Week in vote store. but probably hard to make it rotate every week. I don't mind like to see H'weens and phats get moved to store, but I think it will take a while to get them to increase in price Once again, Katana is already in-game. Mostly a No from me on these items. However, I wouldn't mind to have the rarer items in clue to get a bit more common
  4. Congratz on the promo! Sad to see ya leave Mey! But ok fck off matey
  5. What about inf gloves? Apprentice wand 1/400?
  6. Or when you click on wilderness it tells you?
  7. Just as woopy stated, dont see pet should be added. Don't include Defender (or) if it's in clues (should be confirmed tho) Magic Fang and TSotd should be swapped Ammy of the damned should be included at the Barrows piece drop at Uncommon. Imo tent should be removed. and the tent whip should be added to rare Instead of 1k of dragon ammo, do 500. There's no difference between ddarts in common and uncommon? Don't think dchain should be in there. it's rarely used in pvp, neither on osrs. Could add godsword blade or shards to common, hilts to uncommon. and complete gs is fine in rare Why include pvp waps in those caskets? if they wont be used in pvp? Think the rest is fine? If it will pass the suggestions. Still staying neutral
  8. I do like the idea of adding PvP chest (somehow) to the game. But I rather see the new clue items (including 3a) stick with clues and/or the new mimic boss. I think barrows pieces could be one of the rewards if it gets implemented. I don't think barrage/veng need to be in those caskets, they are fairly easy to purchase. Maybe we could add some PvP items into them from the BM shop. In the end, I say No to clue items. And staying neutral on the suggestion.
  9. Do you know Gilded Altar in POH gives more exp? Plus, "G altar" is 90% of the time online. However, if you're willing to use wilderness altar, I wouldn't mind seeing the Elder Chaos Druid being added
  10. Amazing update! Love the new minigame!
  11. I think it should be lowered for Vorkath with 50% at least. You mainly do Vorkath in Void with Salve amulet. If you die you have to spend almost 2M. 1M from the retrieve items, and ±800k from Perdu to get your void and Salve amulet. Dying twice at Vorkath is nearly a loss of money. U get roughly 3.8M from completing ±45 Vorkath. 2 deaths is around 3.6-3.8M. I'm sure people will say "don't die" but Vorkath has some mechanics that takes some practice to understand. And usually, 1 or 2 minor mistakes creates a death. Zulrah is fine IMO. Hydra and other instances that have a 100k fee. could be raised to 250k, u won't die that often.
  12. Congratz mate! Now sell them, oh.. wait.. oof... Nice minion skirt tho
  13. HWID is not an option either. You're able to change your HWID. Maybe UUID/GUID might be an option? I know this would be hard to implement. And probably not the top priority.

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