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  1. Hmm.. fair enough. Still, some of them do still apply
  2. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Brimstone_chest
  3. alot of these are already in the brimstone chest tho
  4. How about blessings/God pages/dragon boots/Master Scroll book/ more cash/jewellery scrolls/Orn kits/dragon darts(tips) more common?/instead of rune armour, dragon armour/some dragon weaponry/dragonstone (cut or uncut). the dragon harpoon and sword (ultra rare, because they are dropped by the new Konar slayer monsters.) High tier herblore supplies, high tier crafting supplies. (i wouldn't mind feather in large quantities), other high tier skilling supplies Wyrm/Drake/Hydra bones? High end food/pots? (or mid tier)
  5. 2. support 3. already done I believe 6. full support 7. they are working on it 8. suggested many more times, no idea what they will do. 9. for sure, those keys are kinda meh, except the rare dusk mystic. Need some better drops.
  6. Dafuq is this shit? Where's mine? pfff fk this No vote from me, discrimination.
  7. Full support. However, I prefer them being added to Runecrafting rather than shop. That's my opinion
  8. I guess 25/50M per dart? Idk what's a good having 100k BM, with 25 each dart gives about 4000 darts. So 50 would be 2000
  9. I know, that's why my suggestion. 200BM for 1 dart is a bit overpriced in my opinion.
  10. Well I would say, 200BM for 50-200 Dragon darts seems a bit more fair. It could be random, from like a crate or something.
  11. This is terrible, 200 BM for 1 dragon dart? seems kinda unfair? XD

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