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  1. I wouldn't mind see an option to extend tasks like: Dagga's, hydra's, cave horror, hellhounds How ever, I don't like to add dragons to Duradel.
  2. I think if the cache was available we would. But I think the last few patches the cache wasn't able to get, so we have to wait untill that. once everything is posssible, I'm sure it will get on the to-do.
  3. Congratz on the achievement! Goodluck on the last few pets!
  4. Yo boi what the heck is this shit? I guess we gotta ban your ass. jkjk Congratz tho!
  5. wingdragon


    Welcome! And hope you enjoy your game mode as and UIM! Best of luck on your journey
  6. Rune works as good as dwh
  7. This has been suggested before (couldn't find it real quick), but it got denied. If I'm correct, the reason why it was denied, was because it would make skillin points sort of a waste if you can sell it back. Skilling points are not that hard to get. Getting a 99 on x150 before having a complete set is obvious, on lower tiers, you'll have it quick enough. If this will be added, I think 10% of the original price is fair.
  8. wingdragon

    Potion Shop

    To be fair, getting those potions (excluding stamina's) are very easy to get. They are dropped by every tier of clue scroll (Brew, Super Combat, restore, ranging pots) Besides that prayer pots are in the general store. I wouldn't mind seeing (super) Att/Str/Def set in the general store.
  9. You don't need a ACB, SALVE, ZHasta or BGS here on Indova. It might be a bit harder without (abyssal)whip, blowpipe, toxic trident. But it's quite easy. This is the setup I use: Replace everything with the maximum tier you can use. (rune pouch has blood barrage)
  10. wingdragon


    You know you could teleport home, and use "Last Teleport" option on the teleporter. But you know OSRS doesn't have a respawn timer on zulrah? You have to use the teleport scroll that is dropped to get back to zul-andra. Which in my opinion isn't a bad idea. I say No to the respawn timer, but Yes to have the a Zul-Andra teleport right there (usable, but not pickable) something like this:
  11. It should be increased line a curve chart. But I think it's done to stop ppl form farming easily

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