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  1. Do you have discord? Otherwise, the beta opened yesterday. Last announcement for rebrand server on this discord: The beta is now live. If you wish to join, the discord link is: https://discord.gg/ct8ntSB If you're not able to join the discord, PM me.
  2. You can get an onyx from the crystal key chest or by killing Skotizo as well. And ofcourse the Tzhaar store. But thieving might be an option as well.
  3. Thank you for providing the community with information. I hope everyone is informed to their needs.
  4. Get back here and finish this shit.
  5. We tought about those aswell. - An infinite wall would be too OP since its the best exp in the game - We didn't mention skills like construction or thieving; construction is already easy and an ardy knight can be set into a fixed position at ardougne. - A brazier was an option, could still be. But in my opinion it would give 50% less exp per log. However, it is not necessary since firemaking is the quickest skill. Thanks for your input. We will keep them in mind. Out of curiosity, which one would be OP. We tried to balance it in a way that it wouldn't be P2P, rather have a bit more things to do at ::ds. Or be more convenient
  6. Fishing: - Barbarian fishing spots (2-4) (no moving, but cancels you each 13 fish) Farming: - A herb patch Mining: - Amethyst Walls (2-4) They don't deplete after 1 has been mined, but after 2-10 (randomly) - Rocks should always have a 1 to 2 tick mining speed (with dragon pick) then regulars (coal +) - Have the top tier Rocks respawn a bit faster Smithing: - An anvil near the northern furnace Hunter: - Add red and black Salamanders to hunt, as a middle piece between the chins. Cooking: - A cooking range that does not burn any fish past level 40 (lobsters) Other: - Have the ogre move less or have him stand still - Have the orge's store be noted (with a purchase cap of 50) - Have Shayzien Armour (T1/2/3/4/5) a 1/3/6/10/15% exp increase on ;;ds (Only the non-combat skill available on ds, excluding herblore, crafting, fletching) - Have a new NPC that can "upgrade" shayzien armour to get the uncharged exp increase Do 100/150/250/500/1000 skilling actions, deppending on the tier of armour (T1/2/3/4/5) You shouldn't be able to craft a higher tier, untill you've completed the previous tier. Once the skilling actions are done, the armour set gets the % exp bonus, etc.
  7. Thank you gutta for your contribution within the team. Goodluck in your future!
  8. Wait what? First of all, a pack yak is not in osrs cache. Secondly, where would the pet send those karambwan to? Since you can't use a bank. However, I highly doubt this will ever be implemented. You're playing an UIM for the challenge of not having a bank and the importance of your inventory. Suiciding and getting those Looting bags is a part of being a UIM. But I agree we should make some small changes to UIM and their death mechanics (e.g. zulrah or overworld)
  9. The tool does basicly the same as the highscores. Right now we probably have other priorities with Raids 3 in development. Thanks for your suggestion, it will be discussed within the team.
  10. You don't need to cure anything. They can't get diseased nor die. You should be fine with just herb patches imo.
  11. Some awsome tips and tricks! I'm sure it will help new UIM players.
  12. A RSPS in general is pretty much a Twisted League.
  13. They were changed due to feedback since people like the PvM events over skillings events. We kept BM in the pool but at a reduced rate. *Can't seem to find the post where it was stated, soz ;(*

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