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  1. +1, I don't feel the same need but i know how you'd feel if my duo was useless i'd like the same.
  2. Maybe change the tiles to have 5 or 6 in a row, just smaller icons in the bag etc, put new bags in the pvm store/slayer shop ie; purple bag 28 slots grey bag 35 slots green bag 40 slots blue bag 45 slots or something.
  3. My suggestion consists of: The "open" feature in looting bag settings for all the items to go into the looting bag automatically. (picture added) Making it have the feature of the coal bag, larger space for higher donator ie; 28 regular 35 donator and 45 for super etc etc, or even add it to the donator store or even slayer\pvm store to buy 5 spaces at a time for the looting bag. "Open" feature should be easily implimented. Once "opened" loot the items and they go straight to the looting bag rather than the inventory and manually putting in looting bag. The Larger space feature could just add a scroll bar to scroll through the looting bag inventory to show the extended spaces. Thankyou for your time, Reggie.
  4. Even that'll be nice, its not hard to charge an invy of them tbh.. if you dont wanna wildy and you're donor use the donator fountain? Simples
  5. For my suggestion it would be: To be able to either Toggle the "enchant dragonstone" enchantment to charge or not charge glories or an NPC to "Disenchant" glories as i was going to get the eternal glory and you have to have empty glories but since i have Super Indovian it charged my glories to (4) and you can't re-enchant at the oblesk to turn (4) into (6). and with an inventory of (4) charges it will take 112 teleports to empty the glories and 168 for (6) charges. Since the "normal" accounts can buy uncharged it isnt a problem for them. Thankyou for your time, Reggie.

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