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  1. @Deluxe have we got an outcome for this one, keen to see
  2. I did not see your other responses on posts sorry. thanks for the reply though man!
  3. The formula currently is 155-(hp/2) i was thinking if skulled it should boost it to something like 125/135-(hp/2) just to encourage people to skull and do wildy slayer rather than doing it with 4 items you can protect. itll add a little risk to reward type thing and make the wilderness hopefully more active. I thought 20-30kills different for skulling wouldnt ruin or make the blood money too easy to get but will encourage people doing wildy slayer to skull up rather than having no risk which may encourage more pkers etc to roam for kills instead of the only time people start to pk is the bm events. Also, a recent update on osrs, The mimic chest boss. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Mimic this would be a good addition and bring excitement for everyone. we had the hydra first, why not the mimic aswell?!
  4. We need the fella at the wildy altar to unnote bones for a price just like osrs. make the wildy altar less painful to use and will be used more often!
  5. I understand where you're coming from, 1 time change would be better than nothing
  6. I support this, I see it Tokkul as a possible loot too. like 10k per player for the winning loot ie; 5 people 50k tokkul, 10 people 100k tokkul prize. you get the jyst.
  7. I was thinking we have a total revenant counter is there a way to get a sub-counter thing to see how many individual revs you've killed. As in: Revenants(in regular counter) click on it to bring up a sub-counter or in-depth counter to see your individual. (Total Revenants: 3500) (Revenant Dragon: 1700) (Revenant Knight: 1300) (Revenant Demon: 500) Etc
  8. Suggesting a glod timer in the indova panel for when people arent online when he spawns it shows where he is and if he is alive. Thought of this as i've just missed a glod because it despawned and didnt realise he was around.
  9. The cap is a good idea as in to be able to change partners 2-3 times max and if that partner quits too it's honestly just bad judgement of a player tbh
  10. I wanted to brind this issue up. If you're a duo and your partner quits you are a solo duoironman which makes your gamemode that you chose completely useless... We need a way like a "bond" the same as name change bonds work to be able to disband partners (both people that wants to change need a bond each) in order to give the ability to chose another partner. i quit because i wanted to play duo ironman and i've recently come back in order to play again and try get this passed. i have 12D 12H on my duo ironman so i dont really wanna start fresh again. Thanks for your time.
  11. Reguardless of how many ores there it wont affect the xp per hour, you'll get the same it's just larger to support more players in a x2 event...
  12. Quick question too, With this: The +8 invisible boosts added in the previous patch for FM, Smithing and Cooking while in Donator's skilling area have been removed as they were fairly ineffective. Please note that the boosts for Fishing, Woodcutting and Mining remain however it does not mean you will be able to bypass level requirements, these boosts allow you to gather slightly quicker than normal. Could we get things like a crafting speed boost too, so you can cut gems faster?

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