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  1. Reguardless of how many ores there it wont affect the xp per hour, you'll get the same it's just larger to support more players in a x2 event...
  2. Quick question too, With this: The +8 invisible boosts added in the previous patch for FM, Smithing and Cooking while in Donator's skilling area have been removed as they were fairly ineffective. Please note that the boosts for Fishing, Woodcutting and Mining remain however it does not mean you will be able to bypass level requirements, these boosts allow you to gather slightly quicker than normal. Could we get things like a crafting speed boost too, so you can cut gems faster?
  3. Juan was deported. Solid effort. Nice update and that juan joke killed me.
  4. We need the ability to Extend revenant tasks as 40-50 takes stuff all time and would love to have 100-150 per task like at duradel with extended tasks
  5. darth reggie


    I'm suggesting either a larger Amethyst mining room or to half the speed that it takes to respawn even make an instanced room instead of a ffa room due to only 2 people can do Amethyst mining at a time and it's still slow as hell. If there are 2 people or more in the mine i feel it's almost slower than Motherload mine.
  6. I still have skilling outfits to get, in regards to killing the stuff for darts besides the darts none of it is beneficial in any way though waste of time and resources for an ironman.
  7. Dragon darts are a massive issue. the only ways to get them takes way too long. They should be added to the CoX and ToB drop tables as it takes over 1 hr to get a mere 500 darts. it becomes a problem mainly for ironmen because we cannot buy them where as normal accounts can through the G.E.
  8. I support it all! Great thread, well in depth and spaced nicely. good job here dude!
  9. It's not about being beneficial of risking etc, the key event is rarely ever used when its activated, there are like 2 pkers on the whole server is what im trying to say here. It's for like 2 people that pk, half the time they aren't even on to do the event....
  10. Hoping to get the 2x wildy key event removed as not many people pk and believe that this isnt a pk server
  11. +1, I don't feel the same need but i know how you'd feel if my duo was useless i'd like the same.
  12. Maybe change the tiles to have 5 or 6 in a row, just smaller icons in the bag etc, put new bags in the pvm store/slayer shop ie; purple bag 28 slots grey bag 35 slots green bag 40 slots blue bag 45 slots or something.
  13. My suggestion consists of: The "open" feature in looting bag settings for all the items to go into the looting bag automatically. (picture added) Making it have the feature of the coal bag, larger space for higher donator ie; 28 regular 35 donator and 45 for super etc etc, or even add it to the donator store or even slayer\pvm store to buy 5 spaces at a time for the looting bag. "Open" feature should be easily implimented. Once "opened" loot the items and they go straight to the looting bag rather than the inventory and manually putting in looting bag. The Larger space feature could just add a scroll bar to scroll through the looting bag inventory to show the extended spaces. Thankyou for your time, Reggie.

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