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  1. Thanks for not letting everyone know about our love Peri
  2. Happy Turkey Day my fellow Americans
    Fuck everyone else kthx

    - Tom

  3. Frosty

    Stupit update

    I see people absolutely freaking over Tentacle whip charges, but as @Pacmale said, USE A NORMAL WHIP PEOPLE. Stop using your tent whips for lower level slayer & start using it for the harder monster/bosses. You go from 25 > 24 max hit using a normal whip. It's 15k charges to use a tentacle it's not the end of the world. 15k charges should last multiple days unless you're killing rock crabs for sport. Also Ruler & other staff members have mentioned before that Toxic trident currently takes 10 scales, but will be changed to 1 scale per charge on the upcomming update. Normal trident doesn't take any scales
  4. Very nice loot. How many of these are before/after clue scroll changes?
  5. Okay, but where are the Corp, CoX, ToB pets at??????
  6. He already fixes all your items at once. You just talk to him with money + broken items in your inventory and he'll go through dialogue and then ask if you want 'X' item repaired it'll cost 'X' amount.
  7. Nice pet. Now hide it and never show Nami or she might delete it out of spite.
  8. That's gonna be a no from me dawg
  9. This is for the the BANTZZZ Spectral on the highest brightness setting Lowest brightness setting

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