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  1. cerkz


    Clues give people an advantage and drop 10x more supplies than mboxes do. I also think people have lost what P2W actually means, firstly all items in those boxes can be obtained in game. Secondly a Ironman is a single player game mode, so what exactly would they be winning if you don't mind me asking? These referrals should also be disabled then, so should ranks for ironman. Those give way more of an advantage than any of the things from boxes do. Also the drop rate boost should also be disabled for ironman as you can get up to a 30% drop rate boost. I'm sure I can think of more things which need removing from ironman as well.
  2. cerkz


    I'm thinking about doing a 100 Mbox opening to show just how rare these "OP" items are and on average how much IRL money one would have to spend to give them an advantage.
  3. cerkz


    Shouldn't clues then be taken away from ironman?
  4. cerkz


    That's why I didn't suggest taking all the other crappy drops away like 3000gp, grapes, flax, snakeskins, 2 rune ore and so on.
  5. cerkz


    Hello, I would like to suggest a few things I have came across in-game, The first one is to revise some of the drop tables, for example. Zulrah:- Replace the Coconuts with some other supply drop, as this item isn't used on this server. Replace the Crushed nests with some other supply drop, as these are drop a lot more often by experiments. Greater demons:- Higher the chance of a Dragon scim drop, I seen a youtuber go from 50-99 mage trying to get one, I also done a few hours there and didn't get one. You've made it harder to get a dragon scim on here than on OSRS. There are a lot of instances like this where a high level monster has items which are rather not used at all on this server or have items which are dropped at a much higher rate by a much lower monster. Ironman points shop I would like to suggest adding a new Mystery Box for ironman, this box wouldn't have recycled items. This would make it so donating on ironman is worth it, currently I have to constantly bother Tom to transfer my points from my ironman account to a normal account otherwise I would have $80 of points going to waste. (To put it in perspective I've gained more supplies from Clue scrolls than I did from $80 of Mboxes) I will add more suggestions at a later point.

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