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  1. rngod

    Slayer guide

    It's also possible to barrage these tasks for fast points: Ankou (fast) Hellhounds (medium) Greater demons (medium) Jellies (fast)
  2. rngod

    Slayer guide

    Challenges are available from the Konar quo Maten slayer master and the points are 20 for completed task. I've had the following tasks (will update as I progress): Hell hounds Wyrm Hydra Black demons Waterfiends Jellies Dust devils Dagannoths Aberrant Spectres Nechryael
  3. I'd like to suggest the implementation of the collection log: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Collection_log And secondly I'd like to suggest a QoL concerning commands. Right now, if we have a single or multiple spaces and we type in a command: E.g. " ::home" it won't register. Is it possible to add a check that omits spaces before commands? (:: and /) " ::home" would go through, but "Hello, world ::home" would not. Edit: Another QoL addition could be ::task takes 25k straight from bank, just like cancelling tasks taskes 100k from bank. Edit2: Another QoL addition could be to remove "hidden items" in RuneLite, from showing up under "You received a drop:" in the chatbox.

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