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    Qol+ additions

    The fact that you can teleport to place like the Stronghold agility course and take a short run to the masters kind of points to the small inconvenience not being worth having. If the players could simply teleport the master instead of teleporting and running for 15 seconds, it'd save some unnecessarily wasted time. Sure, donators can teleport for free, but, as with many of the donor perks, it's arbitrary and only seems like a benefit because of that small extra time investment it takes to roundabout-teleport/jog to them. I don't see a problem with the masters having their own locations, as opposed to one cave, or even paying a gold fee to teleport, but requiring something extra to teleport to them when they're already made easily accessible just seems redundant.
  2. I suggest making the "all" option actually fletch all of them, not just 28 sets.
  3. Hey! Simply, I think it'd be good to have the basic antipoison in the ironman shop. It's a niche item, and, like the basic atk/def/str potions, I think it wouldn't be too much to have included.

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