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  1. Kingsley has gotten progressively better, kudos to him +1 for King
  2. Very nice read Thanks for the interview!
  3. Anything is possible. You can do a f2p tournament where its like coif, leather body, maple shortbow, addy arrows, rune 2h or something more melee based rather than hybrid wheres its like rune scim + rune 2h. You could also do Dharok tournaments - dharok is rather cheap to be honest so its not gonna cost an arm and a leg and a lot of people can enter and enjoy that. There's so many possibilities.
  4. I look forward to the progression of this guide
  5. I mean using the lettering in one would be fine but all the same? Nah. There are free renders of images available online somewhere - where you can come up with different backgrounds and such yourself. Would be worth checking out if you want to progress in graphic design.
  6. Looks fun but I think it'd be better to have something where everyone can participate. Like rune + d scim + dds
  7. Nice video I thought you died on your HC a few days ago?
  8. Glad to have you in the server, Tim Welcome
  9. Erza

    Vet'ion Guide

    Thank you for the awesome guide, Bacon
  10. QoL suggestion - support Although definitely not a priority
  11. Thank you for the update Just recently got a Crystal Saw from a Mystery Box and I was wondering what the hell it was

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