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  1. So the idea I have is to add the Poll Booth in order to have an in-game way of polling/suggesting new game updates. Most people, even though they have a forums account, don't frequently use forums. And yes there is ::suggest in-game, but this is a way to not only have EVERYONE see your suggestions, but it also shows a clear "yes or no" instead of searching through the comments to see if people support your suggestions. The idea is that you submit a "Suggestion Request", it gets reviewed by Tom or Delly, then if it can be added it gets put out to a poll for the players to vote on. Some kinda template like Name, Name of Suggestion, and Description of Suggestion. Then it's just a straight yes or no polling system. Hope you like my idea
  2. I support all of the game changes, except the "Using a vote book on an Ironman" and the "Remove teleport options besides Edgeville." The vote book thing would make it so Ironmen who have rich mains could just stay at 1.5x for a long time (some people maybe forever). And the remove teleports thing I'd say maybe the ::dz one but not the Teleport bar cause I'll kill Delly if he removes that Kappa
  3. -Add the Enchanted Valley fairy ring and the Dragon Axe stash unit. -Add an interface to see what stash units you have built. -Turn both the Iron Shops into one big shop. -Fix the left click option on ranges. -Have the ladders work in the Myth's guild (closest range to a bank). -Add a tanner to ::ds. -Look into the Runelite clue plugin (some of em don't work). -Add an option to turn on or off the purple lights in Chambers of Xeric, some people like to be surprised, some people like to know -Update the Konar Brimstone keys, it's a RSPS it should be a little bit better than OSRS imo. Like get rid of the useless seeds, rune items, basically all the useless shit lol.

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