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  1. YN Slash

    Duo DMZ

    with option number two the amount of wealth received per run would not double but if anything lessen your chances by half of the current rate.
  2. YN Slash

    Duo DMZ

    not what I meant by 'like cox/tob' i meant the same way a unique is displayed/the receiver is chosen(e.g i did most damage by 30% so i have 30% more chance to get whatever uniques in my name. so if i got arma top, my duo could still end up with trident, or vice versa. thanks for the support regardless. sure. maybe i can solo tob and duo cox but maybe i don't want to and i want the dmz drop table. plus, that wouldn't fix the dilemma i've providded which is, more in depth, that I have too much wealth over this ironman and would have to hand feed him kills. that's such a redundant and rhetoric way to contribute to a suggestion lol. it'd be fine if you at least contributed a reason as to why this update shouldn't be added, or shared your thought process. the reason I thought of this being added isn't even so relevant to the suggestion to warrant a comment like that. thanks simon. this would also provide ironmen a way to duo and have loots split out at their rngs discretion if they're not duo already, since mains lose out doing things with irons in a lot of cases. on osrs most parties don't accept them at cox etc for that reason even if its FFA.
  3. YN Slash

    Duo DMZ

    Sitting here, bank standing, watched a ton of eco move around today, a ton went to indova guide and as a wealthy player I'm at the point where I'm just going to start collecting cosmetics and helping/teaching other/new players. I was thinking of another task to do with a friend, but there wasn't really any I could do with his ironman hoping for a pet while trying to get him items at the same time, as I would somewhere like CoX or ToB(need I remind you, I'm very very bored of sometimes lol) so I was thinking that duo dmz might make the other bosses more popular. I thought of three ways this could be done: x2 NPC/Boss spawns where able (disable others for duo) & players receive loot for the boss they did the most damage on Increased NPC defence and accuracy & players receive randomized loot like CoX or ToB A mixture of both Welp, that was my thought process on this suggestion. Duo NMZ is a thing in osrs, albeit I'm aware DMZ is different I thought it'd be even more warranted considering how many duo and regular iron we have. This also makes it so early accounts that couldn't do dmz before can leech items off mains like in cox. See in comments for a more in depth explanation
  4. Idc if you reroll intentionally but the way you said it was to clown around which would obviously be a shunned move. If you've contributed the most and it's a raid event that would make sense.
  5. I mean as unappealing as that sounds, it still wouldn't add up to the amount of raid event's we'd be getting once the douche hype died down. Also, we can make it so raid events can't be skipped to avoid that troll.
  6. Regular players are hardly aware of let alone do they ever contribute what little they have of their bank to well of goodwill. Most contributions come from players hoping for ToB/CoX events as I can just guess that you can see by top contributors. The reroll you're developing a phobia over is a once in a blue moon thing and is presumably a 500/1 ratio meaning considering we get only 1 reroll and it is timed (maybe 3 minutes is more appropriate), then we'll end up gaining 100 more or less cox/tob events and losing 0.2+ events a month. If my bank is 100m, and I contribute 3m or more to well I'd deserve that reroll. I wouldn't complain about that myself but I don't see anyone who's not an idiot rerolling a raid event.
  7. Okay so we're always asking for WOGW rerolls, and I'm unsure why we still have a majority of the pk-related WOGW events, regardless, I though it would be cool if whoever spent the most on the current event is given the choice to pay 2.5m to reroll it. e.g i pay 4m someone else pays 1m, clicking make contribution again within 5 minutes of the current event gives me the option to 'reroll' for 2.5 into a random event thats anything except for the current event.
  8. EDIT: Sorry, I did most of that gonna double check right now if I got it all, but for clue items you're referring to master clue items? I've seen them loaned for 5m let alone bought, but i will adjust. serp is 20m from what I'm aware but I could be wrong and will keep an eye on it. oof, no problem aha. I think it's because players wouldn't agree with me doing this on my own but since this is a community effort thread and ive priced a good chunk of items lower than I bought I've not heard anyone complain about my efforts thankfully, and now you can review it and adjust for us to your fairness. Will adjust, but obviously 2 sales don't trump 100, so I might just be putting the AGS on high demand as is Thanks again everyone
  9. If anyone could price these smaller items for us, I would be eternally grateful. I do not use them often so I cannot come up with proper estimates. Magic Log: 2k Iron Ore: 500 - 750 Iron Bar Coal: 300 - 500 Steel Bar Gold Ore: 5k Gold Bar Mithril Ore Mithril Bar: 8 - 10k Adamantite Ore: 12 - 15k Adamantite Bar: 12 - 15k Runite Ore: Runite Bar: 20 - 25k
  10. I do agree that sang staffs are very useful and powerful. I however am not sure if that warrants them being 1.5b if one's yet to sell for that and they're already difficult to sell for 1.3. Not to mention, the eco is not lacking of them like they are scythe or Ely. As for ely, I've just gotten 500 corp about 300+ solo, and I still don't have ely, disregarding your lucky ely kc, I understand how difficult the Elysian grind is but unless you sell your elysian for over 5b, we don't have enough data to go off and I do not have enough vouches to call that fair, and I actually know a few people opposed to 6b ely. If it is only the grind we are respecting, Elysian is 30% cheaper on osrs, being around for 2 years longer. Doing a little math, with ely @ 665m, and twisted bow being priced at 1108m, scythe at 1.3, and considering the respective grinds for tbow, ely, and scythe, corp kills in solo taking approx 5 min while every single raid takes 20, you could even argue elysian should go down a little bit because scythe and tbow prices here and on osrs are pretty consistent considering how many of them are in economy. Same with twisted bow, which is why I agree with your argument. I will put twisted bow on 4.5b stable for the time being. Adjusted sang to 1.3 stable demand until I see the one for 1.3 sell because prices have to be based on interaction and fact more than opinions as much as I'd like to agree. Also Ghazi was adjusted earlier 700m low demand
  11. 7b Scythe was a bold statement as I'm pretty sure it was last traded for a tbow + some stuff(presuming around 1b) so maybe 6b is a more accurate price. I've seen one sang go 1.3 (today, actually haha) but I got mine from staking it vs approximately 800m, and I think it's fairest at 1b BUT I will put it on 1.1b, high demand so that it's price is a little more clear. Yes, I saw rapier price was falling but I wasn't sure why. I'm now second guessing that there are currently too many in eco. Price will be set to 700m low demand. Let me know what you think about my review of your opinion! Thanks for contributing! <3
  12. Thanks, I've gone and replied in the quote. Only thing I cannot bring myself to do is price an ely over a twisted bow, well aware how rare elysian is right now. If I had to choose between a tbow and an ely it would most certainly be a tbow, so I've gone and graded it on its usefulness. On top of that, twisted bow is predominately priced higher than elysian in most any instance. Stress not, it is placed at high demand, so you could end up paying 6b+ if you really wanted it, so it's demand has been accounted for. Regardless as well, Peri will review your opinion as mine is not final. Will edit on my next wave!
  13. Thanks! I will remember to add Stamina potions and blood money when I go to update the skilling items! IF you have any other frequently traded items, or happen to come by any, please pop by and edit your comment so I can see what I'm missing if any Also I've left a few price ranges on iffy items, but the price demand was meant to really do the range thing for us you feel? E.G if something is 5m low demand, you could end up paying about 3m obviously. If it's 5m stable demand for instance, you shouldn't put it in grand exchange for lower than that because it'll probably sell over night.
  14. Thanks guys! Remember, if you see anything even a little off just let me know and I'll look into it, alternatively you can remake this whole thing yourself for @Peri to see with a quote!

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