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Duo Hate

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  1. I will be participating on Feppy since it won't be allowed for ironmen
  2. Duo Hate

    Tan all

    The ability to tan all noted hides instead of having to do invent each time
  3. Great Collection you've got! Whats next?
  4. Great Update, Happy to see a couple of my ideas implemented
  5. Duo Hate


    I have created this topic so people can show their own tattoos Here is my Medusa and Hercules with Nemean I have got another one but it's not finished so waiting for the next session which is in 3 weeks
  6. Not sure if this was a post to show banks or you're showing yours off but heres mine Recently Sold alot of my pvm tab to see how much money I had
  7. I'm not sure if I am doing something wrong but the wildy bosses seem be nearly impossible to kill if you don't have the craws bow and mace. Please can you look into making these realistically able to kill as I've tried plenty of methods even risking max gear and nothing is hitting at all. Tried killing both Vene and Callisto we maxed range and maxed melee no success yet. But please could you look into it and maybe nerf them.

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