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  1. I tried to organize my bank for this thread but i got bored after 5 mins so enjoy the mess There was some organization to the bank before btw, I collapsed all tabs before trying to organize. Search button op.
  2. Support on both, feels like a full time job trying to keep a scythe and sang charged.
  3. This title didn't age well.
  4. Support, surprise surprise. Although its too late to take metamorphic dust out of regular raids, many people already have it banked and are just waiting on the olmlet to drop. I think for Indova challenge mode raids should just provide a better drop rate/better supply rewards, put in the extra effort, get rewarded. Would also love the CoX qols to come along side or before this aswell.
  5. I'd like to take a moment and refer you to your own post
  6. I'd be more than happy to sell if HCs could drop trade.
  7. Just a standard day of pvm.

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