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  1. I voted yes. The only reason as to why i would use this method is to be able to buy bonds with ingame currency the same way normal accounts can. I dont see the need to trade across mass amounts of gear or stash a bunch of GP on a normal account (the thrill from ironman is too good :3). Personally I'd only transfer whats needed to be able to rise up donator ranks. With that said, should there be another way for me to gain a donator rank from trading in items, as long as it's fair in comaprison to normal accounts, i would totally do that. Thanks for driving a clearance though.
  2. Age*: 25 Name*: Sir Billy V Account Age: 3 weeks ish Approx Wealth*: 200m+ ironman Time Played*: 5d 6h 29m XP Rate & Account Type*: x150 Why do you want to join NLH?: Raids and Glod Are you in our discord? If so, what's your name?*: Aye not on NLH yet, names McBeardy Photo of requirements*:

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