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  1. i like it but instead of main drops like bandos items whips etc i rather get supplies. maybe have 2 different boxes for mains and ironmen. and clue caskets wouldnt be a dumb reward. im all for it
  2. its me

    clue scrolls

    Remove the "yes" ive solved the clue msg "QOL"
  3. Age:19 Name:its me Account Age:2 weeks Approx Wealth:200m Time Played: 7d:3h XP Rate: 150x Why do you want to join NLH?:Chill with the bois Photo of requirements: http://prntscr.com/myyirg
  4. Maybe make them dropped from battlemages? would make alot more sense, and obtainable for ironmen.
  5. its me

    Puro Puro

    anything would help, puro puro rn is aids
  6. its me

    Puro Puro

    buff it. and remake it so u dont have to force spawn the imps. ?!

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