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  1. Ironman Mode: Regular Total Level (1x): Currently 1978 Reason For Interest: IMC for life baby Current Goals For Your Account : Max x3 short-term, x1 long-term and most importantly ALL PETS Did You Read The Rules? Yes I did
  2. Best of luck to you Nelt, amazing progress for the limited time you've been on Indova !
  3. Haha, glad to hear that being stoned enhances the experience ! Cheers Ken, glad you enjoyed it ! Seeing what Info said above I wouldn't be too worried about the smoking community of Indova :p
  4. Hello and welcome to this Barrows OverEdit thread. Spent the past week grinding out Barrows, did 363 chests (went from 133 to 500 chests) and decided to turn all my footage into a minute and a half long overedit. Grab your popcorn, sit back and hopefully enjoy this short but intense video that took me about 15 hours to edit ! *If you are prone to epilepsy DO NOT watch this video* All constructive feedback is welcome, whether you loved it or hated it I'd really like to get some comments that can help me improve for the next ones. Till next time, Frenchy out.
  5. Thanks, gonna work on improving them over time, still getting back into video-editing, haven't done so in quite a while ! Glad you enjoyed though
  6. It's just to add a bit of colour, making it all white would be boring
  7. Hello ladies and gentlemen ! The first video of my Ironman Completionist series has been completed, I'll be leaving it right here, the rest of the videos will be visible on my Youtube channel. I had a few issues with my microphone incorrectly picking up my voice, I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience, however the issue has been fixed and will not be present in episode 2. If you could try and leave me constructive feedback, either here or in the Youtube comments that would be great, seeing as this is the first episode I'm not sure what you guys want, so let your voices be heard
  8. Verac's is another option, for ironmen it's quite a pain to get but it's really up to personal preference ! Thanks for the feedback Cheers JaK, glad it'll be useful to you at some point
  9. Lost my HCIM status a month or so ago to Zulrah but I could make a road to all pets / 200m all skills series (already maxed so kinda late for Road to Max series haha)
  10. I'll try and make more guides, issue is there are only so many bosses ! Thanks for the feedback though, much appreciated
  11. Hello and welcome to this little topic on how to kill the Kalphite Queen without taking any damage. Hope this helps !

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